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At CloudTech24, we offer highly effective and responsive IT support for Engineering to businesses in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK. We understand the fast-paced nature of the Engineering industry and the need for on the mark IT. Our team of IT experts are here to eradicate your technology-related headaches and offer specialist advice and practical support. With our elite IT support for Engineering, you’ll gain the opportunity to focus on growing your business.

Outsourcing your IT to an industry-leading managed service provider like CloudTech24 has the potential to transform your entire business output. We’ll work in partnership with you to identify, implement and maintain the best IT tools and services for your Engineering company. We’re committed to enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your workforce and in turn, boosting your overall performance and profitability through valuable IT solutions.

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How we’ve helped Baumac

CloudTech24 proudly provides industry-specific IT support for mechanical and industrial engineering company Baumac Engineering Limited. Baumac are currently subscribed to the following IT support for Engineering services:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

  • Microsoft 365 Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

  • Protected Workstation Managed Service (Essential)

CloudTech24 offers best in class IT solutions for these areas as well as a wide range of other IT SupportManaged ITBusiness Transformation and Business Apps Support services.

Since partnering with CloudTech24, Baumac’s IT operations have grown from strength to strength with the business experiencing increased levels of IT efficiency and productivity throughout the workforce. So far, we’ve facilitated:

  • Migration from GSuite to Microsoft 365 business premium with exchange online. The CloudTech24 team delivered a structured and secure migration for Baumac, ensuring a smooth transition and eliminating downtime for the business.
  • Implementation of cloud-to-cloud backup of all Microsoft 365 data and email accounts. Thanks to CloudTech24’s advanced cloud computing backup, Baumac’s key company information is now fully protected against any business-critical losses, and the organisation can take comfort in knowing their data is safe.
  • Incident response for a legacy account that was compromised, recovering data and locking down access with 2-factor authentication. With our IT support experts on hand 24/7, we were able to facilitate swift response and remediation to combat this issue and prevent any significant damage to the business.
  • Ad-hoc remote support to help with setup of new devices and troubleshoot network issues. Thanks to our advanced cloud integration system we delivered this impromptu IT support for Engineering without even needing to make a visit to site.
  • Implementation and maintenance of protected workstation agent. This included monitoring and managing of system space and performance, in addition to mitigating cybersecurity threats and viruses. We’re providing ongoing management to ensure that Baumac’s vital IT platforms are secure and functioning in the most efficient way possible at all times.

Common FAQs about our IT Support for Engineering

We often receive questions about our IT support for engineering so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

CloudTech24 provide engineering companies with a range of proactive cyber security and advanced security solutions and provide real-time threat prevention, threat detection, containment and security awareness training.
Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite provide instant productivity and security and leveraged with cloud services overcomes limitations with your current (local) infrastructure that is aging and reaching its capacity limit. Performance, security and reliability are no longer guaranteed but instantly available through SaaS and cloud platforms – Speak to us today about how we can assess your platforms and help with your transition.
Having the correct technical infrastructure and connectivity in place is key for engineering companies – having incorrect software and hardware solutions without proactive management and support increases staffing costs and effectiveness.
Engineering and Business IT solutions are all about precision, error reduction and a robust backup plan, our managed backup and disaster recovery platforms ensure that all data from on premise servers and cloud systems are backed up and critical onsite servers can be restored onto a DR platform to ensure critical business platforms can be restored and operational with minimum downtime.
CloudTech24 provides technology-focused IT support for engineering companies to ensure your staff can work in a productive manner, with managed platform monitoring, management, and ongoing support of the full Microsoft office suite. Alongside our technical support CloudTech24’s eLearning platform provides comprehensive training for your staff to ensure they can access both generic IT and product-specific training on areas such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, Cyber Security training, and Google G Suite.

As standard, our IT solutions come with remote support. As we use advanced cloud-based technology, we can access any device remotely and 99.9% of any issues do not require us to be there physically. We know that from time to time, you might want our presence in your offices, and we can arrange this on an adhoc basis.

As every engineering company is different, the cost of our IT Support for each of these businesses will also differ. For each of our clients, we put together bespoke packages based on the requirements of our team. Offering great value, we will factor in how big your company is, how much data you have and what your current IT solution is before determining a cost.

Bespoke to your business, we have either always on (every day of the year at every hour) IT Support or the more standard 9-5 package. Both solutions offer both phone and email service during their IT Support hours.

CloudTech24 have offices in London and Surrey. Most of our clients are based in the surrounding areas of Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex and Hampshire, but we offer IT Support in the UK and beyond.

Are you ready to achieve IT excellence for your Engineering business?

At CloudTech24 we’re ready and waiting to help you do this. Get in touch with us today and discover exactly how we can maximise your business potential through our logical and effective IT solutions for Engineering.