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CloudTech24 is a Managed Security Service Provider offering Cyber Security Services and IT Support as an integral function with many of clients. Cyberattacks present an ongoing threat to livelihood of modern businesses, and it’s  increasingly challenging, as cyber attacks get more advanced and businesses leverage disparate cloud IT systems with a mobile workforce. Ensuring adequate cybersecurity protection and security strategy is a key requirement for any organisation to ensure that your mission-critical business data and platforms are safeguarded with the adequate level of security measures to prevent security threats and advanced security breaches. CloudTech24 provide IT and Cyber Security service in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire & across the UK

Are you confident with your current strategy to combat cyber security threats?

CloudTech24 provides first-class cybersecurity solutions to protect every aspect of your organisation and to help your company build up a strong resilience to cyber threats. As an award-winning managed IT services provider, we have the advanced tools and expert knowledge to deliver the industry’s best cybersecurity solutions. Whatever your company size, CloudTech24 can protect your IT systems – including every end-user device – to ensure that your IT operations can function effectively at all times, with minimal disruption to the business.

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Due to the challenges with managing your information security in-house, CloudTech24 offer cybersecurity services to assist our clients in providing solution coverage and analysis by certified security experts.

To ensure optimal cybersecurity outcomes for every company, our cyber security services use a combination of high-tech cloud technology and dynamic system monitoring to monitor and profile activity on client devices whether they are inside our outside your network perimeter. CloudTech24 delivers both instructor-led and online training to educate your staff on social engineering, human error and the types of cyber-attacks that are used to launch an attack against your organisation’s critical infrastructure or to gain access to organisational systems or data.

CloudTech24’s managed cybersecurity services ensure that every organisation has comprehensive control and monitoring. With our premium cybersecurity services, your company can benefit from round-the-clock proactive systems monitoring managed by our elite team of experts.

CloudTech24 service delivers continuous security, health, and monitoring of your systems in real-time, and proactively block threats and resolve issues before they occur to ensure that your company remains safe and protected from cybersecurity threats at all times.

The most powerful cybersecurity solutions combine multiple layers of protection across all devices. CloudTech24’s forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity ensures that you are covered from every angle, using a combination of cybersecurity, network security, and endpoint security. As an effective initial defence against advanced threats, we can provide your business with a high-quality managed network firewall. Our specialised network security is designed to oversee network access and preserve the value of your network and data. To further protect your business data, we also provide a selection of comprehensive data backup solutions to minimise data loss.

CloudTech24 offers managed security solutions to deliver key functions of a security program as a service. Our ‘Protected Workstation’ endpoint solution ensures your end-user devices and servers are secured by our expert team, to maintain a secure platform whilst maintaining security for corporate data, personal information and other sensitive data. The solution incorporates advanced anti-virus software, host and DNS firewall and filtering to protect against malicious applications and websites. Our business-grade solutions ensure that all end-users can safely work from any device, anywhere, at any time, thus allowing your business operations to run smoothly.

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We share a wealth of professional cybersecurity expertise within our team. We have expert threat hunters and security analysts on hand to round-the-clock security monitoring of business platforms and devices. Leveraging cloud enables our team to provide immediate remote assistance in incident response and remedial actions. With CloudTech24’s premium services, your business can also take advantage of unlimited cybersecurity support from our team of professionals 24/7/365.

Over the years we have also developed long term partnerships and ongoing business relationships with some of the world’s best providers. This means that we can offer an unparalleled service when finding you the latest and most cost effective security options. We know exactly what software and hardware developments and improvements are available and with this knowledge, we’re able to ensure that your business security and productivity is constructed using best in class solutions. With your IT systems fully secure and functioning reliably, uptime will be maximised, thus offering great productivity benefits for your business.

As cyber attackers grow more knowledgeable, it’s vital to ensure that your IT systems are fully protected and ready to withstand any security and safety threats. We’re committed to helping you achieve ultimate security protection for your IT systems, inclusive of every single end-user device. We will use our practical knowledge and expert understanding of cybersecurity to transform your cyber safeguarding and therefore eliminate any risk of IT-related downtime. With your cybersecurity effectively managed by our team of experts, you can focus your energy on maximising your business potential.

Common FAQs about our Cyber Security Services

We often receive questions about our cyber security services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Cyber Security is one of the biggest security threats to modern businesses of all sizes, it is not possible to achieve 100% security against cyber threats but implementation of a cyber security program with effective technical solutions, end user training and security monitoring is required to provide protection.
A Cybersecurity program is difficult to implement internally without the required expertise and training – it is common for organisations to outsource consulting and ongoing cyber security support by a MSSP or ‘Managed Security Service Provider’
As with any security making sure your users are diligent and aware of security threats is the basis for any good cyber protection. this can start with Security Awareness Training for your users.
Managed Security Services means that a company supports a business through responsibility of all cyber security aspects of a business. This includes monitoring endpoints and servers as well as protecting against external threats.
MDR is an outsourced function to perform threat hunting and responds to detected threats.
EDR or ETDR (endpoint threat detection and response) is an threat detection and visibility platform that is deployed as an endpoint security agent performs real time monitoring of user and device activity. CloudTech24 leverage EDR technology solutions to gain host visibility and monitor for our clients.
A Security Operations Centre is typically a facility of Security Analysts that operate 247 to perform ongoing monitoring and investigations into cyber security threats and incidents.
A Network Operations Centre are usually responsible for the infrastructure and daily operating of PC, Servers and devices. Whereas a Security Operations Centre will specialise in Cyber Security of a network.
Security Awareness Training can be delivered in many forms from education on spam emails and avoiding malware to more advanced understanding on how Emerging Threats work.
Our business grade next generation anti-virus of choice is Bitdefender although we are very familiar with Webroot, Sophos and Norton.

Does your business need cyber security support? Or maybe you’d like us to run a cyber vulnerabilities audit?

Please get in touch with our cyber security experts for more information. You can also book a free IT assessment in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and across the UK.