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CloudTech24 are an award-winning managed IT services provider, providing a wide range of  services and solutions with proactive IT support and management trusted by over 120 companies in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK to outsource their IT services. Commonly referred to as simply an “IT MSP” – we remove complexity from IT and ensure your organisation is leveraging highly available and secure business platforms that result in increased business productivity and performance.

Outsourcing partial or full IT functions ensures your organisations business applications and platforms are supported with the ongoing reassurance of our UK based service desk to swiftly respond during working hours or 24/7/365 with the impressive service levels modern businesses require from a trusted provider.

Opting for outsourced or managed IT services to an industry-leading provider like CloudTech24, offers an increase of productivity and security benefits, as well as a prime opportunity for business growth.  Are you getting this level of support from your current IT services company?

Award-winning Managed IT Services

CloudTech24 offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality managed IT services covering your business from every possible angle – If you’re seeking to increase the efficiency and reliability of your systems and support services then speak to us about your current challenges, we have worked with many organisations to perform digital transformation and ongoing support to ensure proactive maintenance of these systems are continuously performed.

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CloudTech24 leverage partnerships with top technology providers and leverage cloud services such as Microsoft and Google to ensure that clients can benefit from collaboration that comes embedded in the platforms, all continuously monitored by our service desk team to deliver security, health and performance automation. Our unique management ensures that your company is safe, secure and above all, operational in the most powerful way possible, round-the-clock.

CloudTech24’s strength is in our strategy and our elite team of technical specialists who are all based in the UK. Our team unparalleled knowledge and experience with technical services and solutions to assist your organisation with implementation of projects and ongoing IT services. We are experts in Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite.

Let us be your outsourced IT Department

CloudTech24 IT services are available to organisations that require a fully outsourced function or as a trusted partner to work alongside your internal IT team to provide escalated support and extended coverage to meet response times as an expert safety net. With challenges and costs of hiring IT professionals, our services can focus on the management and maintenance of  your mission-critical IT platforms, whilst internal teams focus on providing end user support and more obtainable strategic activities. This reallocation of staff focus offers you an enormous strategic advantage; as well as further enhancing productivity within your workforce, internal resources are now readily available to dedicate time and energy to wherever it matters most in your company. Additionally, in regards to your IT budget, this key switch will ensure that your organisation can fully capitalise on both its staff and its managed IT services investment.

Security comes as standard

Our managed IT services also ensure that your vital platforms are 100% secure and compliant. In today’s business environment, organisations tend to run their operations across multiple devices but fail to manage them effectively. Because of this, end-user appliances are the most vulnerable IT assets in the workplace in terms of security.

The usage of cloud technologies ensures that we can monitor and manage client devices regardless of location, this also facilitates cloud-enabled remote access, management and security updates – this approach of monitoring and proactive maintenance reduces technical issues occurring, hugely increases platform security and traditional tasks that would normally be performed remotely can be instantly accessed and resolved. This level of cloud monitoring and management extends to end user devices (Laptop/Desktops), servers, phone systems, wired and wireless infrastructure and mobile devices……you suddenly require the WiFi password to be changed? Call our helpdesk and this can be performed remotely in minutes!

Traditional IT services involve site visits to undertake maintenance. This response model is slower, disrupts business, and ultimately costs your business money 

We manage your IT infrastructure, so you don’t have to

One of our key differentiators is a custom platform that facilitates the remote monitoring and management of all company owned devices, this technology leverages cloud capabilities to ensure visibility and control of these devices whether they are in the office network or being remotely used. The Protected workstation platform performs continuous visibility of key activities that are centrally monitored and optimises your end-user devices for comprehensive data protection for the end-user, device and company data.

CloudTech24 are constantly evaluating new technology, this research ensures we can understand emerging technologies and whether they can be leveraged to benefit our client requirements, this research process ensures we are keeping up-to-date with the latest IT advancements and optimising solutions to generate the best results for our clients, all while keeping costs down.

an IT technician helping a man on his desktop over his shoulder

Our business-grade solutions and forward-thinking approach to managed IT services enable your organisation to be more productive in running and growing your business. The CloudTech24 managed service model also provides security for your IT expenses. Our IT support solutions are priced at a set fee which will help you to easily forecast your budgets and save for future IT projects. This is yet another way your company can profit from the cost-effectiveness of managed IT services, all while making significant business gains.

Join the fast-growing catalogue of businesses benefiting from CloudTech24’s managed IT services. Work alongside a professional team of the industry’s most knowledgeable IT experts and gain increased efficiency, security and productivity for your IT operations, all within a calculable budget.

Time to speak to us about transforming your business with effective managed IT services and how we can help you accelerate business growth and profitability?

Common FAQs about our Manage IT Services

We often receive questions about our IT services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Managed IT services are platforms that are managed and supported by an external provider as a service. The Managed services provider can offer more specialist skills, resourcing and may leverage vendor partner status.
Managed services typically consist of a technical platform, technical and certified expertise and processes and procedures related to the running of the managed service.
A managed service model is the specific service structure and constraint and decisions that can be made within the constraints of the services agreement.
Managed services provide organisations with the ability to successfully implement platforms and programs without having the in-house staffing and expertise.
The Definition of managed services is a capability delivered as a service, IT managed service providers (IT MSP’s) specialise in a technical IT delivery as an outsourced function.
Managed IT services allows the hassle of your technology to be supported by another company so that you can get on with what you need to do and your staff are also looked after when needed.
Cloudtech24 offer a number of different service bundles as well as being able to tailor a bespoke solution to your requirements. As a minimum we include protected workstation antivirus as well as email backup and different levels of support.
CloudTech24 have many reviews of different platforms including Google reviews for our Managed IT Services for our clients, we also have case studies published on our website and we would be happy to setup a reference call with a suitable client of a similar vertical and size of business if your organisation requires any further validation of our competencies in delivering managed IT services and support.
As experts in Security it is our job to keep upto date with all new threats as well as offer the best security protections for your network. This includes hardening your devices, business grade Anti Virus, Next Generation Firewalls, Advanced Threat Hunting as well as Secure VPN and Remote connectivity.
We love technology and finding innovative ways to use technology to better support your business is part of the conversation that we have with you.

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