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In the modern workplace, Microsoft plays a pivotal role in business operations. If applied and managed correctly, Microsoft technology can have a transformative on business, boosting both productivity and efficiency levels and subsequently leading to business growth. However, due to the vast scale of Microsoft’s IT services, some companies find it difficult to master the art of Microsoft technology and fail to take full advantage of the rewards. As a fully-managed Microsoft 365 provider, we’re more than qualified to help your organisation combat these issues with our market-leading Microsoft Business Support.

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We are Microsoft Windows Support Specialists

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading software and hardware developers, with organisations and SMEs in every industry across the globe utilising Microsoft solutions on a daily basis. Microsoft tools are abundant on the market today, ranging from Microsoft 365 to the Microsoft operating system. CloudTech24 are fully knowledgeable on the breadth and depth of Microsoft technology, and with our Microsoft support, you can capitalise on our specialist knowledge and experience for the benefit of your company. 


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We ensure your systems remain safe and secure

Alongside our Microsoft management services, we are cyber security experts, so we also ensure that your Microsoft systems are fully protected against cybersecurity threats, and your key business data is secure. Our comprehensive data backup solutions help to keep your company information safe from harm, with your data automatically and securely backed up offsite. Through our cutting-edge cloud data backup technology, we have the ability to safely back up and restore directly from Microsoft 365 to further enhance your protection against business-critical loss.

Business never stops, and neither does our Microsoft support. Our highly-trained team of experts are available round-the-clock to assist with any queries or issues you may have. With our reliable, technology-driven support, you can always be certain that your mission-critical business platforms are safe and functional in the most effective way possible, at all times. Get in touch via whatever form of communication suits you best; we’re contactable for remote Microsoft support by email, telephone and instant messenger. Since we’re based locally, we can also make on-site visits to facilitate Microsoft support as and when required. It’s our mission to drive effectiveness and productivity in every organisation we have the pleasure of working with, and we can guarantee this with our 24/7 Microsoft support.

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Common FAQs about our Microsoft Business Support services

We often receive questions about our Microsoft Business Support so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Microsoft offers a variety of support plans at different prices. Working with an outsourced Microsoft support provider such as CloudTech24 offers cost-savings for businesses, alongside the benefits of ongoing and customised Microsoft support and 24/7 remote assistance with swift response and remediation.
Yes, Microsoft Software Support is Microsoft’s tech support service. This is available via phone, chat or in Microsoft stores. However due to the scale of Microsoft, it’s sometimes more beneficial to seek technical support from a specialist Microsoft support provider such as CloudTech24.
It’s still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you already have a genuine license for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Microsoft does recommend that in order to take full advantage of Windows 10, you should use Windows 10 on a recent PC.
Businesses with an existing genuine license for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 at zero cost. Microsoft suggests that using Windows 10 on a new PC is the best way to experience the full benefits of the update.
You can still use Windows 7 after 2020 but as of 14 January 2020, Microsoft stopped all tech support and software and security updates. CloudTech24 can offer Windows 7 support however we recommend updating to Windows 10 to increase the health, security and performance of your PCs.
Yes, Windows 7 can be updated to Windows 10. As with any update, before updating to Windows 10 it’s vital to ensure that your systems are backed up to avoid any business-critical losses. CloudTech24 provide a professional data backup service as well as update management support to guarantee that your systems and business information remain safe at all times.
CloudTech24 offers industry-leading, professional and reliable computer repair services. We tailor our computer repair service to meet the needs of every company we work alongside and offer ongoing support thereafter. We utilise business-grade cloud integration which means if we can, we can provide repair assistance remotely. Or alternatively because we’re based locally we can offer on-site visits and support if and when required.
Yes, at CloudTech24 we provide fully-managed windows support during business hours and 24/7/365. CloudTech24 are also an accredited Microsoft partner and trusted by organisation to ensure the smooth running of their businesses.
Yes, CloudTech24 provide fully managed support for both Windows end user systems and servers – our server support includes monitoring of the Microsoft Windows operating system for performance and security optimisation.
The latest version of Desktop operating system is Windows 10, the latest version of server operating system is Windows Server 2020 that was released on the 19th May 2020.

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