In the fast paced environment of schools, we understand the requirement to have a IT solution you can rely on

With a wealth of experience providing IT Support for schools in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK, CloudTech24 truly understands the requirements required by teachers and students alike. Highly skilled and knowledgeable team of IT specialists with industry leading cyber security expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology partners has been the key to CloudTech24’s success.

At Cloudtech24, we recognise that every school is different, and therefore the IT Solution will be tailored to every school. We start by running an assessment on what current IT systems you are using – understanding what is working what your current challenges are. An onboarding plan will follow, bespoke to your school detailing what tools we will use to suit your requirements achieve your goals and budgets.

IT Support for Schools

Being Cyber security experts, you can feel rest assured that all our IT solutions for schools will provide the necessary monitoring to prevent against cyber-attacks. We understand first-hand, how important it is to keep data secure in schools is, and so our specialism in cyber-security will offer that peace of mind you might be missing. With CloudTech24, your time focusing on IT operations will no longer be there, we will take care of everything, meaning you can concentrate on what schools do best: teaching and learning.

CloudTech24 offers 24/7/365 IT Support, meaning your IT system will be monitored for its security and performance 100% of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions about our IT Support for Schools

We receive many questions regarding IT Support for schools, so to be helpful, we have answered our most commonly asked questions below.

Doing far more than traditional anti-virus software, CloudTech24 are cyber-security experts. The fully managed IT security we offer includes installing security patches for operating systems and applications; hardening the end user services, cloud applications and devices with the school; and using the best tools to monitor the security of DNS firewalls, cloud hosted firewalls and Advances Threat monitoring platforms. Schools can feel rest assured passing their IT Solutions over to CloudTech24.

With our top of the range, eLearning platform, CloudTech24 can insure that all staff and students at the school has access to generic IT questions and training on programs specific to your requirements – including Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Google G Suite and Microsoft Office. We are also available 24/7/365 to overcome any technical challenges to ensure the IT system is running smoothly at all times.

Could you benefit from bespoke IT support for your school?

Get in touch with CloudTech24 today. We would love to find out more about the current IT support you have at your school now and tell you more about our offering and expertise. We look forward to hearing from you.