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Backup & Disaster Recovery

All user data can be easily backed up, regardless of employee location or device.

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BackUp & Disaster Recovery

With our solution in place, your data is automatically and securely backed up offsite, and monitored by our elite team of engineers.

CloudTech24 provides comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions using cutting-edge cloud technology for clients in London, the UK, and globally.

Our customers benefit from support that includes:

  • • Rapid response times
  • • Critical data backup and disaster recovery
  • • Backup expertise


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Data Backup Solutions

Don’t be a statistic. Back up your data today!

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Virtual Desktop Services

All user data can be easily backed up, regardless of employee location or device.

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IT Helpdesk

Unlimited support for all managed services.

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IT Support for Startups

At CloudTech24, we have broad tech support services to help businesses save money and ensure the smooth running of IT operations.

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IT Support for Production Companies

The Dark Web can be an unknown and intimidating place and is somewhere that you don’t want your business data or any personal information to leaked.

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IT Support for Creative Agencies

The cyber essentials audit is a HM Government backed scheme defined to provide guidance for businesses on how to protect against today’s cyber attacks.

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IT Support for Healthcare

CloudTech24 provide managed services for the healthcare sector. We can help you to optimise your IT infrastructure and systems, ensuring that they are always running smoothly and efficiently. We can also provide support and advice on how to use IT to improve patient care and streamline operations.

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IT Strategy

In its simplest form, an IT strategy is a plan that helps an organization align its technology goals with its business objectives. This can include everything from developing new applications to hardware and software management.

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Private Equity IT Support

At CloudTech24, our rigorous due diligence processes prioritise security above all else. The finance industry regulates the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our value is ensuring private equity firms stay secure. If the worst happens, our disaster recovery services reduce recovery time.

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IT Support for Law Firms

Our legal IT support services include security management (including device monitoring) and efforts to improve efficiency. This means that law firms can maximise fee earner time by reducing the time taken by underperforming infrastructure.

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IT Support for Schools

The NIST Cyber Security Framework is guidance provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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IT Support for Charities

CloudTech24 deploy best in class IT solutions to help non profit businesses advance their mission, with the added bonus of cost-effectiveness guaranteed. We understand the IT-related financial and resource struggles non-profits typically face; we’re committed to providing first-class IT services to overcome these challenges all while simultaneously accelerating effectiveness and uptime.

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