Business Email System

Gmail is the most popular email service, Google Workspace includes the Business email system with leveraging your organisations business domain, such as ( and up to 50 aliases allowing users to send and receive emails using different email addresses and aliases such as Info@ or Sales@ from a single mailbox.

Unlimited Secure Cloud Storage

Store all your company data in one place and access files from any business or mobile device regardless of location. Google Drive and Google shared drive provides unlimited storage for all users (or 1TB per user if less than 5 Google Workspace accounts) – and the ability to create and share documents and folders internally and to granularly control sharing permissions both internally and with external clients/contacts.

Integrated Online Calendar

Manage business calendars and appointments with smart scheduling and simple integration with video conferencing and calling – and calendar sharing options to provide visibility of other employees and team calendars.

Business Office Suite

Google Workspace includes an integrated suite of secure and cloud-native applications for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, forms and sites with simple collaboration and productivity powered by Google AI.

App Development

App Maker is a low-code app development environment helping your organisation develop custom applications and processes and increasing productivity.

IT Tools

E-discovery, Cloud search and a suite of security and administration tools such as retention, archiving  and audit reporting.

Video Conferencing and Messaging

Google Meet provides comprehensive messaging and conferencing features, providing organisations with easy-to-join video calls and conferencing. seamlessly setup a calendar event or scheduled meeting with embedded link for calls and including videos – with a simple link.