CloudTech24 offer fully managed WordPress hosting plan packages, that not only includes the website hosting but also; platform management, website monitoring, technical support and cyber security protection.

WordPress hosting is a critical aspect to the success of your WordPress website, and an important aspect for businesses to consider due to performance, support and security protection. WordPress is one of the world’s most powerful and flexible Content Management Systems (CMS), used as the control panel for over 65 million WordPress websites. As a CMS tool, WordPress offers businesses and SMEs the opportunity to build and manage a dynamic, impactful website. The software is unique in that it allows users to create, manage and modify website content without requiring an in-depth understanding of coding. However, although WordPress is relatively simple to set up in comparison to other CMS, the importance of hosting platforms and strategic setup and effective maintenance should not be overlooked.

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Your WordPress site is your customer-facing website, online store or website blog and therefore, a direct reflection of the quality of your company and staff. With this in mind, your website hosting platform must be up-to-date and functioning correctly at all times. At CloudTech24 our support team provides premium WordPress hosting plans with setup, configuration, management and support service, to make this all possible. We will ensure that your WordPress website is healthy, secure and performing at its peak, to boost business growth and protect your reputation. We work with businesses in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK.

CloudTech24 offers managed WordPress hosting plans that not only include the hosting but also; platform management and security protection. For our managed hosting packages this includes:

  • Website migration (for pre installed or existing sites)
  • Expert WordPress Support
  • WordPress installation
  • Domain and DNS Configuration and optimisation
  • Initial security onboarding assessment
  • HTTPS Certificate installation (Free SSL Certificates and configuration)
  • Super High Performance Hosting on UK Cloud Servers leveraging ultra-fast Litespeed technology optimised for WordPress

In terms of platform management, we cover:

  • Updates and ongoing management of WordPress Core
  • Updates and ongoing management of WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Unlimited WordPress platform support
  • WordPress backup hourly or daily backups
  • Website uptime and performance monitoring
  • Support of one nominated end user’s use of WordPress administration

And, finally for extensive security:

  • Integrated’ web app’ firewall with automated updates from the central data server
  • Rules to stop User Enumeration, such as auto-banning IP’s
  • Comment and Form Spam Protection from bots
  • Limits & disallows log-ins, monitors this and auto bans IP’s. This covers device fingerprinting to notify or block log-ins from an unknown device
  • Enforces a strong password and removes the ability to override weak passwords – this is fully configurable
  • IP based bans, with the ability to ban an IP when your website is under attack
  • Automated File/Code Audit Report – scans code for signs of malware, compare all WP repo codes for differences and unidentified files
  • 404 error messages are generated by bots and bans issued on IP’s
  • Custom firewall rules
  • Check for password leaked elsewhere and disallow effected password
  • Extra Security-Integration to Fail2Ban
  • Whole country-based bans
  • Inactivity admin auto-logout
  • Custom 404 redirection

To elaborate further, the CloudTech24 team have dedicated WordPress experts with in-depth practical knowledge of every aspect of WordPress. When it comes to migration, our technical experts have all of the tools and knowledge required to guarantee a smooth transition and get your site setup and optimised. We configure your software based on your requirements and of course, with the end-user in mind. Through our technology-driven approach to WordPress set up and migration, we’ll ensure minimum disruption to your business operations with uptime maximised.

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With our professional WordPress management services, your company can also benefit from elite site administration and monitoring. Managing a WordPress site successfully can be labour-intensive and require experience of the WP CLI, we take care of this so you can focus on running your business. There are many factors to consider, and maintenance is a constant requirement. We utilise cloud computing alongside proactive real-time monitoring to facilitate continual health, security and performance automation for our clients. This really works to your advantage because we’re able to identify any issues or areas for improvement and deliver a prompt resolution remotely. This will ensure that your website is fully functional 100% of the time. The result? Positive user experience, increased engagement, and higher returns for your organisation.

WordPress has its own cybersecurity plugins, however, like any IT tool updates are required on a regular basis. Again, this requires management and knowledge of the most effective security solutions on the market. CloudTech24 are experts in all things IT security, and with our exclusive understanding of the latest technologies, we’ll ensure that your WordPress site is underpinned by complete cyber protection. We share our security expertise to help businesses like yours avoid wasted time and money on trying to rectify security problems on your WordPress.

Our WordPress specialists are based in-house and are available 24/7/365. Whether you require a piece of free WordPress advice or it’s something more complex like a security matter, we facilitate round-the-clock remote WordPress support. We’re contactable by telephone, email and instant messenger and as a CloudTech24 client, you will have unlimited access to our WordPress support service.

CloudTech also provides full DNS hosting services to manage your existing domain, secure and optimise and ensure this does not expire. As part of this service we perform a free domain transfer and operate the full service at a low monthly service cost.

Ready to reshape your digital experience through WordPress? We’re ready if you are! CloudTech24 is dedicated to helping your enterprise leverage the endless engagement and business development opportunities WordPress offers. Contact a member of the team today to discover exactly how we can help you to obtain these rewards.

Common Frequently Asked Questions about our Secure WordPress Hosting Services

We often receive questions about our secure WordPress hosting services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

CMS is an application to manage digital website content – usage of a CMS platform simplifies and structures management of the platform.
There are many CMS platforms including WordPress, Drupal & Joomla – CloudTech24 specialise in WordPress as that is the world’s leading CMS platform.
Wordpress is a leading Content management system (CMS) platform that simplifies the process of service website content
Wordpress plugins are modules to expand on the core WordPress platform. Plugins enhance or add new features to your site and are the main reason that WordPress is the most popular CMS platform. Plugins can be open source or commercial and typically available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.
WordPress is a CMS platform. When looking for a WordPress web hosting provider you should look for a business that can allign to your business strategy for website hosting and marketing services – it is important to use a trusted provider that can ensure uptime, support, management, monitoring and ideally setup and 24/7/365 ongoing support. This is where a WordPress hosting specialist like CloudTech24 can help work with you for your trusted WordPress hosting requirements.
The best WordPress hosting is a platform that aligns to your business requirements in terms of being optimised and managed strategically to maximise performance and security. The best WordPress hosting results are achieved by working alongside a reliable and professional WordPress hosting specialist for a full managed WordPress solution.
The cost of a WordPress website depends on the plan. There are several plans available at a fixed monthly cost. It’s best to select a plan that includes the features and support your business needs. At CloudTech24 we offer cost-effective WordPress support services, with a plan to suit every business.
All IT platforms that contain configuration and/or company data should be secured and backed up – CloudTech24 perform daily WordPress backups of all client websites to ensure that there is a copy of all data in the event of a disaster and can be restored to its latest version.
The success of your website relies heavily on the hosting provider you select. A provider that facilitates secure and superfast WordPress hosting is the best WordPress hosting option. You should select a WordPress hosting solution that enables maximum uptime and offers comprehensive WordPress support. CloudTech24 can provide full support from the registration and management of your domain name, thought to the setup of email accounts, hosting wordpress and connecting your web domain to your WordPress Websites.
CloudTech24 perform security and performance monitoring for all hosted WordPress sites, our monitoring includes the detection of any downtime and also response time tracking to identify website access and performance statistics.

Wordfence security plugin provides some security controls for WordPress but does not include any firewall, malware prevention or spam filtering, CloudTech24 ensure all sites are secured with a firewall, malware prevention and spam filtering to harden and secure your WordPress instance against malware, website hacks and security incidents.

Are you ready to get started with secure and super fast web hosting for your WordPress website?

Please get in touch with our WordPress support team for more information on our web hosting services. You can also book a free IT assessment in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and across the UK.