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Earlier in 2018 after much deliberation between the CloudTech24 team, we decided that our branding needed a refresh. We wanted to create a brand that stud out from the crowd because that’s what we do in the I.T Management industry. We pride ourselves on giving our customers cutting edge tech and I.T management services that take a unique approach to empathize with the individual, in order to provide a customer focused tailored service that is both secure and highly effective. We know that set’s us apart in our industry and together with our elite team, we set out to build a brand that would reflect our mission and vision for the future of I.T Support.

The CloudTech24 Logo & Emblem

CloudTech24 aren’t a company that fades into the background. From the outset we wanted to develop a unique logo and brand identity that would stand out from the competition and conveyed our core values. We wanted something that had a strong impact among our competitors while maintaining a modern cutting-edge feel. Giving the logo a distressed feel brought a modern edge to the logo the previous design was lacking, the thicker typography made more impact in both digital and print medium and the dynamic icon and shape was more versatile to suit our needs in this modern mobile and tablet friendly landscape.

Updating our printed materials

When updating our logo and emblem we knew we needed to update your stationary and printed materials to add a higher level of cohesion to our new brand. Working closely with our designer we refined our stationary down to a minimal design that is both effective and modern while making the right kind of impact we wanted from our hand outs.

Updating our web presence

We didn’t see much point in updating our logo and branding if your digital online presence didn’t sync up. After all you can’t advance your brand without advancing your website design and when you’re in the I.T and Tech industry it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and take note of future trends. We wanted to create a site with a modern look and feel that created buzz and impact while engaging our visitors while at the same time conveying our elite professionalism in our industry so that casual internet browsers and customers alike can get a feel for the kind of high level I.T management service we provide.

Updating our digital presence & marketing

After we’d looked at the logo, emblem, branding, stationery, and website it was time to address our social media presence. Being in the Tech and I.T industry it’s impossible to ignore the fact that social media has taken over a vast amount of our online usage and as such we have to stay up to date to how this affects our customers and their I.T management and tech assistance needs. We knew it was important to have both a palpable presence online with our social profiles and also that we needed to have some impactful campaigns and ideas of social posts at the ready to incorporate our new brand after launching.

Our CloudTech24 mascot & character development

Most companies stop at this point once they’ve developed their logo, branding, web and digital presence but at CloudTech24 we like to go the extra mile and wanted to introduce a touch of fun and personality to our brand that we felt our competitors were lacking. We worked with an illustrator to create this friendly bear character in various poses so that we could encapsulate the strength of our service while also conveying that we take a friendly empathetic approach to our customer care in the form our of cuddly, friendly and most of all helpful CloudTech24 bear mascot.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed this insight into the process of our re-brand and you’ll take a look around our newly designed website at some of the specialist IT support services we offer. Our elite team of IT professionals are on hand today to help provide you with valuable IT solutions that can help your company stay safe, secure and functional in your chosen industry. Why not get in touch today for a FREE IT Health check to see how we can assist your business.

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