An IT Director or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a technical expert who works with the board level or senior management team to deliver industry-leading solutions to key business challenges.

CloudTech24 offers a Virtual IT Director and Virtual CTO service to ensure your organisation can leverage this expertise as an outsourced service.

For many small and medium sized businesses (SME/SMB), having a full-time staff member in-house to lead the direction of IT operations is simply not feasible given the associated costs and expertise. In order to develop a technology vision and manage business goals and maintain an effective IT strategy, there still needs to be a focus on this role within the business, this can be obtainable by leveraging a Virtual IT Director or Virtual CTO.

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Introducing the CloudTech24 Virtual IT Director Service

CloudTech24 offers first-class Virtual IT Director services for businesses in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK. Our Virtual IT Director service enables organisations and SMEs of varying sizes to transform their IT output and exceed their business objectives. With CloudTech24’s Virtual IT Director support, your enterprise will benefit from a technology-driven approach and decades of practical knowledge and experience, all at a budget that works for you. We are here to maximise efficiency, productivity and uptime, to accelerate business growth and productivity for your enterprise.

Built to guarantee flexibility and cover every aspect of IT, we can tailor our Virtual IT Director support to meet the requirements of your organisation and offer customised service. CloudTech24’s Virtual IT Director will act as a fully integrated member of your team. We’re based locally which means that we can make on-site visits as and when required, as well as attending key meetings. Ultimately, we will fulfil the role of a typical IT Director and facilitate the same expert support at a fraction of the cost of a full time CTO or IT director and without sacrificing on the future growth of your organisation.

Fully-aligned with your business goals

Our Virtual IT Director support is completely driven by your business and what you’re trying to achieve. Before we get started, we will take the time to fully understand your organisation, IT infrastructure and objectives, by conducting a full site analysis. Our IT health check includes a comprehensive assessment of your current IT systems, with any areas of concern or improvement highlighted. Using our extensive background in IT alongside our industry knowledge, we’ll draw up a business case for the best plan of action for your organisation. We take pride in offering our IT health checks to every new and prospective company we work with, at zero cost. Our IT health check enables us to deliver a truly personalised Virtual IT Director experience.

So, what exactly will your business gain from working alongside a CloudTech24 Virtual IT Director?

  • Specialist IT expertise

    We share a wealth of knowledge and experience covering every aspect of IT. As expert IT consultants on the front line, we can mitigate risk and guarantee the successful delivery of every IT project you work on. Your Virtual IT Director will deliver premium project management by leading your IT operations and covering your business from every angle. This is all made possible by their exclusive understanding of the IT sector.

  • Cutting-edge technology

    CloudTech24 has developed vital working relationships with some of the best software and hardware providers in the world, including MicrosoftGoogleSophosWebroot and SentinelOne. This means that our staff are always up-to-date with brand new technological developments. We take full advantage of this exclusive knowledge to maintain best in class performance for our clients by always delivering the most advanced, cost-effective solutions through our Virtual IT Director services. You’ll always be the first to know about the latest IT tools on the market to drive productivity and security.

  • Data protection

    Our Virtual IT Director will provide comprehensive management of your data to ensure your key business information is safeguarded at all costs. We will equip your technology assets with the latest cybersecurity tools and install industry-driven processes to guarantee ultimate data protection. Through our Virtual IT Director support, we also offer exceptional management to maintain optimal levels of safety and security for your business.

  • Accurate budgeting

    We’re focused on generating the best return on investment for every company we work with. Your Virtual IT Director will take a comprehensive look at your IT spending, identify areas of concern and devise an effective budgeting plan. Where possible, we will eliminate any unnecessary costs and put measures in place to ensure your business is benefiting from only the most cost-effective solutions.

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As part of our Virtual IT Director services, CloudTech24 also offers 24/7/365 IT support – If you’re experiencing a problem or you would like some advice, simply reach out to a member of our highly-qualified IT support team. Our round-the-clock IT support service is intended to enhance your Virtual IT Director experience and ensure that your business-critical systems are always safe and healthy. For your convenience, the CloudTech24 support team are available via email or telephone.

Does virtual IT support sound like something your organisation could benefit from? Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your needs and unlock the potential CloudTech24’s Virtual IT Director services offers your company.

Common FAQs about our Virtual IT Director Services

We often receive questions about our virtual IT director services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

A Virtual IT Director (also known as a Virtual CIO) is an external IT professional who works alongside a business to help them benefit from expert strategic direction, without the need to employ a full-time staff member to deliver this service. The role of a Virtual IT Director is fully flexible and they can adapt their service to suit the needs of your busine
A Virtual CTO is an outsourced IT executive who provides expert-level strategic guidance and best in class IT solutions to enable a business to achieve its objectives and boost business growth. They fulfil the duties of a Chief Technology Officer without the burden of the costs associated with employing an internal staff member.
With a Virtual IT Director, you will benefit from having an expert technical contact who acts as a fully integrated member of your team. CloudTech24 is based locally which means our Virtual IT Directors can make onsite visits and attend meetings as and when you require.
Working alongside an industry-leading IT service provider such as CloudTech24 is a good place to start. The hiring process with us is simple. Contact a member of our team to discuss your Virtual IT Director needs further and we’ll get an onsite IT health check with one of our IT experts arranged. From here we’ll recommend a personalised Virtual IT Director solution for you, at a price that suits your budget.
CloudTech24’s V-CTO/IT Director will contact and communicate with you via whatever channel suits you best. We’re fully flexible in our approach to engaging with our clients and above all, we’re dedicated to providing the service and support your business needs to succeed.
The CloudTech24 virtual service provides businesses with ongoing support to director level representitives within the business, this focused role investigates technology lifecycles, roadmaps, budgets and strategic approach to advance an organisation through the use of technology and the way users interact with technology.
A CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and a CIO (Cheif Information Officer) are different roles within definition and in larger organisations, in small business environments these roles are often interchangeable either as in house positions or outsourced functions.
Independent consultants and contractors typically offer virual IT director and CTO services by the hour or as a day rate. CloudTech24 offer this service as a monthly fixed cost or in conjunction of our premium IT bundles in addion to comprehensive IT and CyberSecurity support for your organisation.
With a Virtual IT Director/CTO service, your organisation can get the technical strategy for your small business without the costs associated with a full time role and with ongoing support not available with a short term contractor.
CloudTech24, provide a advisory approach for new clients and a free healthcheck to measure your current approach to productive and secure IT strategy – speak to us today and we can work with your team to architect a managed IT solution. Advisory services such as our Virtual strategic roles can be added as an engagement or part of an ongoing service at a later date.

Does your business need strategy and direction with IT?

Please get in touch with our team for more information. You can also book a free IT assessment in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and across the UK.