CloudTech24 assist UK businesses and IT teams with Secure Remote Working by leveraging dynamic cloud enabled solutions to facilitate remote workers whilst ensuring increased levels of productivity, technical support and cyber security protection.

Secure Remote working is a more important than ever since the Covid-19 outbreak – your staff require remote access to systems previously only available within your office network to be available to maintain the continuous running of your business operations.

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The world is evolving and more businesses are seeing the benefits of remote working for their staff and adopting remote systems to build their brands, this change in working was accelerated with the COVID-19 outbreak which made the requirement for working remotely a necessity. A high number of UK businesses were however not ready for this transition, and are facing incredible difficulties with their office based staff unable to efficiently work as they did in their office space. We believe that this forced transition to remote work can be seen as an opportunity for your business to grow, and at CloudTech24 we can help you do just that. We work with businesses in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK.

Unlock Value In Your Business With Remote Working Services

With increased flexibility and productivity guaranteed, businesses and staff members alike can benefit significantly from this progressive way of working. Cloud computing offers an unmissable opportunity to transform the role of IT in the business environment as we know it, changing how operations run and how we access and store data. Remote IT solutions provide organisations with an opportunity to attract staff for remote workers and unlock access to a larger pool of available resources both in the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas.

There has been an increase in remote jobs in recent years, and offering remote positions is an attractive proposition for staff members as it provides a better work life balance due to the ability to work from home. in control; you gain the ability to make your own hours for yourself and your teams and focus on results instead of the clock. Think about the time saved by eliminating commutes to work or the convenience of being able to work on a project anywhere at any time whilst being fully remote.

Let CloudTech24 Maintain Your Remote Working Infrastructure

CloudTech24 is a forward-thinking managed services provider, committed to leading the future of IT. We deploy first-class remote working solutions that enable businesses to work anywhere, any time, and on any device. We utilise advanced cloud technology alongside proactive system monitoring and management to store your data to ensure that your organisation is safe, accessible, and functioning effectively, at all times. Our services enable companies to operate and collaborate with team members on projects work without the constraints of being in an office environment.

CloudTech24 can help support remote work and provide the technology stacks required to obtain the same efficiency you would have had in an office environment. With remote working, you gain the power to transform business operations and streamline processes by leveraging cloud applications such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Cloud solutions provide a centralised way of working that’s accessible to all. People can connect, access business tools and data, and work on projects collaboratively in a user-friendly, interactive manner. CloudTech24 are a Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 partner so we’re well-versed in both platforms and offer fully managed services to assist and support your move to cloud applications.

We provide online IT training and support, that covers a wide range of topics to support your staff in the office and full time or particularly remote teams, this training covers collaboration tools such as Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) in addition to topics such as; remote working, mental health & video conferencing / video calling.

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Your Remote Workforce Remain Safe & Protected

In terms of security, our remote working solutions have you covered from every angle. At CloudTech24, we take every precaution to ensure that your IT systems are fully protected at all times. With our premium end-point security and anti-virus services, we guarantee that every one of your business devices is secure, regardless of location. To do this, we install our top-quality Protected Workstation software on your end-user devices. Our professional team then manage and monitor your devices to complete all cybersecurity and health optimisation tasks for you, guaranteeing consistent high performance. The application also features a business-grade anti-virus utility to enhance security, as well as end-user data safeguarding which falls in alignment with GDPR and compliance.

To prevent disruption to your IT operations, a vital component of productive remote working is reliable hardware. Whether your services are hosted on-premise or in the Cloud, CloudTech24 facilitates high-quality end-user and site-to-site connectivity via secure VPN technologies. With our remote working solutions, we ensure that your employees can connect to your corporate network remotely through a secure VPN and access the resources they need to do their job.

We also ensure that your data is 100% safe and backed up to avoid any business-critical data losses. Via our cloud solution, we store your data virtually and in multiple locations, with the information automatically and securely backed up offsite. Furthermore, we provide a premium data backup service which allows us to backup and restore directly from Google G Suite and Microsoft 365. This data backup is completed on a regularly automated schedule to further protect your data.

Let CloudTech24 Help You To Grow

Every organisation can benefit from improved flexibility of working and team collaboration, and this is all made possible with remote IT solutions. Looking ahead, incorporating remote working into your IT operations strategy means that your business will be equipped to ensure your IT operations can run smoothly, whatever the circumstance. With downtime minimised, you’ll have the prime opportunity to accelerate business growth with the increased flexibility and security for your IT operations gained from cloud computing.

We understand that every business is different and we’re committed to delivering a remote working solution that matches your needs and objectives. Our elite team of experts will work closely with you to ensure we understand what you’re trying to achieve and tailor a solution accordingly. We’ll also be on hand round-the-clock to answer any questions or provide assistance, enabling your organisation to get the very most out of cloud IT.

Common FAQs about our Remote Working Services

We often receive questions about our remote working services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Remote working is work that does not require you to be located in a traditional office space. With remote working, you can complete your daily tasks as usual and communicate with your team away from the office, working anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to good internet.
Usually remote working is executed through a cloud-based system. Via the cloud, key business data is saved in a centralised location which authorised staff have access to and can collaborate on in real-time. On top of this, many businesses also use a project management tool and real-time communication apps.
Cloud working has many benefits. The main benefits include: reduced IT costs, improved data backup, effective collaboration, scalability, and increased business flexibility. Cloud working will enable you to drive productivity and efficiency within the workforce and in turn, business growth and profitability.
As more organisations shift to remote working, cyber criminals are adapting their attacks to target remote workers. It’s therefore vital to maintain high security standards across your remote IT systems and ensure users comply with safety measures. At CloudTech24 we’re experts in cyber security and we can provide market-leading cybersecurity protection and support to minimise the risk of cyber criminals.
Remote working has its own security challenges and is somewhat more difficult to control given that business devices are generally unmanaged. At CloudTech24 we offer a Protected Workstation service to combat these issues, with our expert team able to monitor and manage every end-user device to ensure both business and personal data stays protected.
A traditional office environment provides enhanced security protection over remote working as typical office networks are restricted for business use only and secured by network security appliances such as Next Generation firewalls with advanced traffic inspection – Remote working typically involves home networks, public WiFi and shared workspaces that increase risk and do not have the granular network security defences.
CloudTech24 provide technical solutions and controls to increase security protection and enforce data security for remote working – all monitored and supported by our elite team of IT and Security experts.
CloudTech24 provide all potential clients with a free IT health check that assess your current platforms against best practice for security and productivity, all organisations should leverage platforms that do not restrict the ability to perform remote working and CloudTech24 can identify gaps, optimisations and provide solutions implementation, management and ongoing support.
CloudTech24 can offer an online eLearning platform to enable your staff though IT training including specific topics such as Microsoft 365 or Google G suite and cybersecurity awareness training.
CloudTech24 leverage Cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite that facilitate business collaboration, our ability to perform remote support and management of client devices ensures optimal performance and security and ongoing platform monitoring and hardening regardless of location or time zone with our 24/7/365 IT support services for global businesses.

Does your business need remote working support?

Please get in touch with our team for more information. You can also book a free IT assessment in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and across the UK.