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Cloudtech24’s experienced and friendly team provide professional Microsoft Sharepoint support to businesses and SMEs in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK.

We provide Microsoft Sharepoint support to a variety of businesses across the UK and help them to maximise their business efficiency in the process. As a customisable cloud document management and collaboration platform, Microsoft Sharepoint enables organisations to transform the way they manage content and collaborate. We’re focused on helping you make the best use of this powerful platform to accelerate productivity and business growth potential for your enterprise.

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Microsoft Sharepoint Benefits

Microsoft Sharepoint Online is a valuable browser and cloud-based system used by companies to store, organise and share company files and data securely, it is also available as a on premise version. Any user with granted permissions can access this information through a web browser on almost any device. Sharepoint is, therefore, essentially a centralised online location to store files, access content, and collaborate on business documentation. Through the platform’s cloud-based structure, your IT operations are no longer confined to the office, and your users can work easily at any time, anywhere, from any device.

Cloud Data in Microsoft 365 can be saved in Microsoft OneDrive for business but for best practice it is recommended that this data should be structured in Sharepoint to facilitate dynamic and secure content management and collaboration, creating a personalised space where employees, contractors and external clients can work on documents collaboratively. CloudTech24 ensures that your Sharepoint system is set up correctly to meet the needs of your organisation and promote increased productivity.

Moreover, Microsoft Sharepoint guarantees that your business data is secure. You have full control over which users have access to which content and sites through the software’s advanced security tools. These features also enable you to monitor files and track when they were accessed and by who. Sharepoint also has a hierarchical site structure managed by the Site Administrator, who controls user permissions and access to both documents and information within documents. The Site Administrator can add and remove permissions in a few simple clicks and has full authority over who can access your business information. With centralisation and management of data, your internal IT operations will be streamlined and the safety of your data enhanced.

Personalised Microsoft Sharepoint Support

The fact that Microsoft Sharepoint is customisable offers a huge business advantage. The CloudTech24 team has a wealth of knowledge and understanding to enable us to provide premium personalised support services. This includes the creation of custom Sharepoint portals which we design in-house to guarantee optimal results. CloudTech24 will build a custom portal for your company based on information gained through our IT health check.

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We provide a free, full site business analysis to every organisation we work alongside, which includes a comprehensive review of your current systems and identification of how Sharepoint can be best utilised in your organisation. The portal we build for you will deliver a fully business-specific experience, including the integration of company resources and customised features, as well as incorporating branding.

Implementing and migrating to Sharepoint is simple when you know how. CloudTech24 share a long background working in Microsoft technology, so we’re experts in all things Sharepoint. Our Sharepoint specialists are on hand to provide full support and guarantee coherent implementation of the platform within your organisation. In terms of data, we can securely migrate all of your document libraries to the Microsoft Sharepoint site and review all of your files as we do so. Once your data is transferred, we can enable greater data management security by utilising Sharepoint’s tools to set up and control permissions.

Our Microsoft Sharepoint services don’t end there; we also provide further platform management and ongoing support. We facilitate exceptional management of your Sharepoint system by acting as your Site Administrator, removing the workload from your internal team. Using proactive management tools, we monitor your platform in real-time and deliver round-the-clock security and health checks and performance optimisation. Real-time monitoring gives us the ability to provide a swift resolution to any technical problem before disruption to business occurs. We can easily access your system and fix any IT issues remotely, thanks to our advanced cloud integration. What’s more, our elite support team are available 24/7/365 to provide remote working support to guarantee your organisation can function effectively 100% of the time.

Discounted Microsoft Licenses

Here at CloudTech24 we are proud to be a certified Microsoft 365 partner. From this official partnership status we gain exclusive updates regarding Microsoft Sharepoint, as well as the opportunity to secure uniquely discounted deals. Our clients receive full access to these rewards, which in turn lead to cost-savings and competitive advantage. The Microsoft Sharepoint application is a part of the wider Microsoft Office 365 package which CloudTech24 also provides fully managed IT support for.

Depending on the deployment of Sharepoint, this can be licensed separately or part of the Microsoft 365 subscription (Previously Office 365 subscription)

CloudTech24 offers the industry’s best Microsoft 365 Sharepoint setup, configuration, management and support services. We’re dedicated to supporting your company’s Microsoft Sharepoint journey, whether you’re in the initial planning stages or you’ve already been using the platform for several years. Ultimately, we’re focused on ensuring that your Sharepoint platform is always safe and functional in the most efficient way, to enable you to achieve the best results.

Common FAQs about our Microsoft Sharepoint Support services

We often receive questions about our Microsoft Sharepoint Support so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management and collaboration system. Businesses use Microsoft SharePoint to build internal websites where they can store, manage and share information securely and authorised staff can access this data safely from any device.
No, Microsoft SharePoint is not free. Microsoft offers three pricing plans: SharePoint Online Plan 1, SharePoint Online Plan 2 and Office 365 E3. With each plan, you pay per user. CloudTech24 have strong business links with Microsoft and can therefore help your company acquire the most competitive Microsoft Sharepoint prices.
OneDrive is an online file storage management system where information can be stored and accessed in a centralised location. SharePoint is a collaboration software that enables team members to edit and work on files simultaneously and in real-time.
Office 365 includes Microsoft Office’s productivity applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, alongside other web-based services. SharePoint is a collaboration tool that is fully configurable and used to store, manage, search, monitor and work on digital files. SharePoint is available as both a part of Office 365 and as a stand-alone application.
Both SharePoint and Google Drive are cloud-based content management platforms, SharePoint however offers additional features. Via SharePoint users can edit Microsoft Word documents at the same time and in real-time. Sharepoint also offers list and workflow capabilities and connects to Microsoft cloud-computing functions such as Azure.
Definately, one of the powers of Sharepoint is how customisable it is and can really enable staff. Sharepoint can manage documents, intranets, pages and processes.
Sharepoint as a Microsoft product can integrate with teh security of Active Directory and so can control User Access Levels to Documents, Pages and Files.
Yes, 24/7/365 Support is available for our IT Support and we have clients who operate globally and so support them in different ways.
As with all projects, scoping is the first step to clearly define the clients requirements and how they will be delivered through Sharepoint.
We always deliver best value for our clients and so give us a call to see how we can tailor our service for you.

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