CloudTech24 are a leading provider of Microsoft Business Standard to small and medium businesses in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK. Formerly Office 365 Business Standard, Microsoft Business Standard has all the features of Microsoft Business Basic, with the added benefit of access to the desktop versions of the Microsoft Office Suite.

The package is suited to small and medium sized businesses – perfect for collaborative working across different locations. The Microsoft Business Standard package includes the following features:

Desktop Office Suite

With access to Microsoft Office’s desktop apps, you do not have to have an internet connection to access Word, Excel and Powerpoint. With Microsoft Business Standard, you will also be able to use Publisher and Access.

Business Email System

Microsoft Office email addresses come with 50 GB of data and 150 MB can be sent and received with Microsoft Business Standard. Emails can be viewed on the desktop app, on the web and on mobile devices, meaning easy access for the modern, remote worker.

Secure Cloud Storage

Share and edit on the go, with Microsoft Business Standard, you receive 1 TB of file storage on One Drive. All data across your business, regardless of location or device used when saving, is stored in one place for easy access.

Microsoft Teams

Instant message or video call with your colleagues both privately and in groups with Microsoft Teams. With the ability to share screens, the remote meetings can be just as productive as face-to-face.

Online Office Suite

As well as the desktop app versions of the Office Suite, with Microsoft Business Standard, you will also have access to the web and mobile versions. For real-time editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Notebooks with your colleagues, all you need is internet access.


We frequently receive questions about Microsoft 365 products and about our services so we thought we would answer some of the most common FAQs below. We’re also very happy to chat about any of these on the phone, so please get in touch.

Microsoft Business Standard is a popular IT solution for small and medium sized businesses. It includes data storage in OneDrive, business emails, both website and desktop versions of the Microsoft Office suite as well as Microsoft Teams.

Yes, CloudTech24 are one of the leading providers of Microsoft products to companies around the UK. Please get in touch with us to purchase your Microsoft Business Standard license with us.

Yes, as Microsoft Business Standard is very popular for small and medium sized businesses. With all IT essentials including business email, cloud storage, Microsoft Teams and both the desktop and website versions of the Microsoft Productivity suite, it has everything you need.