Are you considering adopting Microsoft Active Directory (AD) as a technology solution for your organisation? If so, CloudTech24 can help.

If you’re thinking about implementing Microsoft Active Directory, it’s important to understand how this business application can benefit your company. Alternatively, your organisation might already have Microsoft Windows server operating system installed and the platform is simply in need of upgrades or additional support. In any case, CloudTech24 is a fully managed Microsoft Active Directory provider, helping businesses and SMEs in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK to achieve effective application.

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Why do I need Microsoft Active Directory?

So, what exactly are the benefits of using Microsoft Active Directory? First and foremost, Active Directory offers a great organisational advantage for companies and a platform with directory information and a global catalog to centralise authentication requests from client devices and networked resources.

Developed by Microsoft, the business software is used as a central database server, to store information and connect and manage computers and other IT devices on a network. Through the software, an administrator controls all devices on the network, including the creation and management of users, domains and directory data and integration with other platforms via LDAP (Lightweight directory access protocol) with the administrator overseeing all domain activity, implementing changes to settings and user rights is simplified.

From a data perspective, Active Directory facilitates both improved storage and more reliable back up. The Microsoft AD server acts as a centralised database where multiple users can store and access files. This means that colleagues with the right permissions to do so can easily access data on the domain whenever they require, without risk of delay.

Furthermore, centralised storage ensures that your files are fully covered in terms of back up. With data saved centrally via Active Directory as opposed to on local drives, data recovery is simple to manage. Thus, your business information is protected from any critical file losses.

Active Directory Security Benefits

Utilising Active Directory and a domain controller (DC) also provides increased security for your IT systems and wider business. Led by your domain administrator, security updates can be managed and executed as and when required. Through the advanced platform, the administrator has the power to launch new anti-virus software following the release of new advancements to every machine.

Active Directory also enables you to gain more control over who can access your business documents, with the administrator able to grant and withdraw user permissions using the methodology of least privilege and Role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict network access to only staff that require security privileges. As a result, protecting your company information is more manageable, with higher security measures simple to implement and maintain.

With these factors in mind, it’s clear to see how Active Directory technology offers significant gains for businesses as a network solution. It is however important to note that strategic implementation of the software followed by careful management is essential to success. That’s where CloudTech24 can help. CloudTech24 offers top-class Active Directory setup, configuration and migration to help companies reap the full benefits of the application. We’re well-versed in facilitating this business application support, having helped some of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses in making the transition over to Active Directory.

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Seamless & Speedy Set-up

Whether you’re seeking setup, configuration or migration support, we can guarantee minimal risk of business interruption caused by Active Directory. We take the time to get to know our clients and learn about their current IT infrastructures and business goals through our free IT health check. With this information, a member of our specialist team will devise a logical Active Directory solution for you based on your individual business needs. Our strategic approach will ensure that you have the right Active Directory setup, configuration and migration support for your enterprise, in order to maintain high levels of safety and productivity, and ultimately enable you to succeed.

The administrator plays a key role in the management and maintenance of the Active Directory software, so it’s crucial to ensure that a very capable individual fulfills this position. CloudTech24 provides ongoing comprehensive platform management for local and cloud deployments to relieve pressure from your internal IT teams. With our expertise and high-tech CloudTech24 tools, we will facilitate the ultimate management experience for your Active Directory, with only the very best results guaranteed.

CloudTech24 delivers 24/7 health support for all servers and specifically security checks for your Active Directory system to monitor performance. Through our advanced platforms, we’re also alerted to any issues before they actually happen and through cloud integration, we provide swift response and resolution. In regards to cybersecurity, we’re experts in this area and hold partnerships with key providers including, SophosSentinelOne, and Webroot. This means that we’re always aware of the latest cybersecurity developments and we can implement all of the necessary updates to your domain controllers and to ensure your IT systems are always safe and up-to-date.

Microsoft Active Directory UK Support Team

At CloudTech24 we share an abundance of specialist knowledge and practical experience with Microsoft Active Directory in our IT Services UK Head Office. This covers both software installed locally in a client network and in the cloud through Microsoft’s cloud-based version – Azure AD. Through our practical solutions, we will enable you to achieve everything you set out to and more. Ultimately we are here to facilitate the best possible Microsoft Active Directory outcomes for your organisation.

CloudTech24 also provides full Microsoft 365 services and configuration for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD / AAD) and can perform advanced configuration for both new and existing deployments. Speak to us today about our Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS).

Common FAQs about our Microsoft Azure Active Directory Support services

We often receive questions about our Microsoft Azure Active Directory Support so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a fully managed cloud-based service. Employees can use Azure AD to sign in and access key business data and applications, including both internal (corporate network, intranet, company-specific software) and external (Microsoft 365 and other SaaS programmes) resources.
Active Directory is a more traditional database used on-site to organise an organisation’s computers and users. On the other hand Azure Active Directory is an online authentication platform used to monitor and manage user access to cloud-based applications.
Azure and Active Directory have different functionalities therefore Azure cannot replace Active Directory. You can use the two in conjunction with one another or independently. Azure is centered around cloud-based application management whereas Active Directory focuses on a traditional on-site infrastructure.
Azure Directory is not free however on the plus side, you only pay for what you use. This means that if you use Azure less one month, you pay less, therefore offering great cost-effectiveness and savings for businesses.
No. ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) is a Microsoft software that provides authorisation to users on Windows Server Operating Systems through Single Sign-On (SSO). Azure is an identity provider which handles user provisions.
Azure AD does not support LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). It is possible to achieve LDAP connectivity with Azure through a combination of Azure AD Domain Services and network security groups that have been set up and configured correctly.
Azure AD only provides a user management AD service, therefore Azure AD does not support Group Policy. Azure AD does have policy features such as conditional access, but the software is mainly centered around granting applications access.
Azure AD enables organisations in migrate from on premise platforms to a cloud managed solution that simplifies management and connectivity to server and client devices that can connect with the only requirement being an internet connection.
Azure AD is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management solution and can be used to identify and authenticate and control access to your apps and your app resources – and enforce account and password settings for enhanced security.
RBAC stands for Role Based Access Control and is a methodology that can be facilitated by Microsoft 365, to ensure granular data access controls and that staff only have access to the data that they require as part of their role.

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