Outlook setup on iOS

Here at CloudTech24, we look after email accounts for a portfolio of clients. If you're interested in Microsoft 365 or IT support, please see the dropdown menus for a broad range of our specialist services. If you're looking for assistance in how to set up an Outlook account on android, please see the steps below.

1. Head to the App Store and download the Microsoft Outlook application. You can do this by clicking the cloud button as seen below; this button means you have downloaded the app before. If you haven’t, there will be a ‘GET’ button in it’s place and you can click this instead.



2. Once the Outlook app has installed, you will be brought to the below screen when you open it. Here, you can enter your email address by clicking ‘Add Account’.



3. Enter your email address and password and press ‘Sign in’.




4. Accept the new privacy settings by pressing ‘Next’.



5. In the next step, Microsoft is asking whether they can collect diagnostic data about the application. This is not any personal information and helps them to improve the stability and performance of the application. Although it is optional, we recommend selecting the “Accept” option.



6. Press ‘Continue to Outlook’, you can adjust settings later.



7. You now have the option to add another account, press ‘Maybe Later’ for now. You can always go back in and do this later.



8. Finally, just press whether you’d like to be sent email notifications. You will now be able to access your Microsoft 365 emails from the Outlook application on your iOS phone or tablet.



There you have it – that’s how to set up an Outlook email address on Android! For an overview of our services, please see below. For further assistance, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team of IT professionals.


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