Looking to outsource the management of your network infrastructure? CloudTech24 provide comprehensive managed network support for businesses across the UK

CloudTech24 believe that solid wired and wireless infrastructure is fundamental to ensuring good connectivity to all office locations. Speak to us about our team about our network managed service that includes the management and monitoring of your existing network infrastructure of your business or our fully managed network support service that includes industry leading hardware (HArdware as a service) as part of the complete service, features include:

  • Business Grade Management of both LAN and WAN Infrastructure
  • Management of LAN hardware for both Wired and Wireless access
  • 24/7/365 Platform Monitoring and management of Network
  • Software Support, Vendor management and Licensing
  • Hardware Warranty and Hardware Support
  • Remote Support and Administration
  • Configuration Management and Backup
  • Link and up-time monitoring,
  • Remote VPN & Site to Site VPN
  • SD-WAN (Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network)
  • Cloud firewalls

Our fully managed network support services leverage business grade infrastructure that is cloud enabled to enable our technical support team to provide ongoing monitoring and administration to secure your company from cybersecurity threats, and provide our network security specialists with the ability to  perform remote and routine tasks such as security updates, WiFi password changes, Switch port control and troubleshooting that would traditionally incur delay with a technician site visit.

This service is commonly coupled with our managed firewall service to provide a high performing network performance and network security. providing enterprise-grade wired and wireless infrastructure configured for security best practice and organisational efficiency for increased productivity. Remote management ensures the health, performance monitoring, and security updates of these devices which provides greater control and enables rapid response for any required reconfiguration and changes.

Common FAQs about our Manage Network Services

We often receive questions about our Network services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Network infrastructure is the hardware and software that is used to provide physical connectivity from your office devices to the internet, shared resources such as servers and printer and inter-site connectivity typically through switches and routers.

Managed network support is the management of networking functions and hardware IT providers offer as an outsourced service for client to ensure their networks, inter-connectivity of network infrastructure and network access is fully managed and supported.

The benefits of having fully managed and supported networks include updated and secured hardware, backups and continuous monitoring for performance and optimisation of business applications through quality of service (QOS).

CloudTech24 support many different vendor equipment, including; Ubiquiti, Cisco Meraki, Cisco, HP, Dell, Sonicwall & Draytek – if you current platform is not cloud enabled we implement our custom site sensor for monitoring and management.

CloudTech24’s services that leverage our cloud vendor solutions ensure full cloud management that takes automatic backup of your wired and wireless infrastructure. If the current solution is not cloud enabled we implement our custom site sensor and backups are scheduled on a daily and weekly basis.

CloudTech24’s services that leverage our cloud vendor solutions perform automated generation of dynamic network diagrams/maps, for legacy solutions this is manually performed upon client onboarding and initial site assessment and manually updated in our documentation platform.

Cloud managed infrastructure ensures that CloudTech24 can continuously monitor the health and performance of our clients networks. Scheduled maintenance such as software and security updates can be performed without requiring a site visit. Any required network changes such a as a WiFi SSID password change or a switch port reconfiguration can be performed remotely – thus limiting the requirement for a site visit and any resultant delay.

Network infrastructure security is the hardening and security monitoring of network hardware and software.

CloudTech24 provide full technical presale services to include scoping requirements, design and architecting of network infrastructure solutions. Our dedicated projects team can include the finalised design in a statement of work (SoW) brief and work with our clients to perform full implementation and ongoing managed network support.

CloudTech24 provide network support 24/7/365 to maintain uptime and perform ongoing security monitoring and management of our clients infrastructure.

A NOC is a Network Operations Centre. CloudTech24 operate a 24 hour NOC support desk managed from our Surrey office, just outside of London – Our team monitor our clients network infrastructure, endpoints, servers and cloud services to monitor and maintain our clients support systems.

A SD-WAN or SDWAN is a an Acronym for Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network. CloudTech24 leverage the simplification of WAN connectivity and management by delivering WAN services that would traditionally require additional hardware and networking configuration. Using SD-WAN CloudTech24 can help connect and secure your remote users and remote sites.

CloudTech24 provide managed network services to businesses in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK.

We offer a free site assessment for all new clients.

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