CloudTech24 has a modern approach to managed business IT support - our Managed IT services provides robust and supported platforms to deliver business productivity benefits.

CloudTech24 offer Business IT Support in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK. Our whole vision and approach is about minimising downtime and related inconvenience for your business as well as those that you work with.

We’ve all felt the pain of when IT goes wrong. It can grind the whole business to a halt which can be hugely frustrating internally and externally. Your in house IT department, or that member of the team who got a reputation for being the most technically gifted, can feel incapacitated in what they are meant to be doing!

We have dedicated our Business IT Support approach to understanding and optimising the latest in technology and security to be relevant, while keeping costs down. This ultimately enables you to be more productive in managing and growing your business.

Our clients include SME’s from all sectors based in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK.

Through our industry leading software and hardware, as well as our remote management, helpdesk, and experienced team, we are equipped and ready to mitigate and resolve any IT related issues that your business may encounter.

The traditional Business IT support model requires site visits to fix issues and undertake maintenance. This method of response is slower, more inconvenient to you or your teams working day, and more expensive for your business.

As a modern business IT support provider, we deploy solutions that allow for:

    • Immediate remote access to managed network infrastructure and user devices
    • Remote real time system monitoring (including managing Windows and 3rd party software updates)
    • Business hours or unlimited 24/7/365 end user support via telephone or email
    • On-site technical support in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK
    • Expert G Suite and Microsoft 365 (we are recommended Google Cloud and Office 365 Partners)
    • Remote business IT support from our HQ based in Woking, Surrey and London office locations.

Remote management and support of your business is achievable because we utilise business grade solutions, in both hardware and software, to allow for nigh-complete remote access and administration. This means our experienced team can quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that you may have with minimal downtime.

Our team will be able to constantly monitor the performance and health of your systems, whilst performing routine tasks such as software updates, remotely and discreetly in order to fix potential problems before they develop.

Changes that we can do remotely to your infrastructure may vary. Basic infrastructure changes such as the changing of a WiFi password, network reconfiguration, network/device connectivity troubleshooting and more can be easily done without requiring an on site visit. Again this comes back to our vision to make you more productive and secure, keeping your costs down and enabling you to sustain and grow your business more effectively.

Does Your Business Need IT Support?

Please get in touch with our team for more information. You can also book a free IT assessment in LondonSurreySussexHampshireBerkshire and across the UK