CloudTech24 Provide IT Training through Our E-Learning platform For Staff Training & Improved Business Efficiency

CloudTech24’s IT training services offer an easy win for your company. If used correctly, our methodology will help to improve staff performance and reduce the number of IT queries and tickets raised – essentially offering a huge advantage for your organisation in terms of productivity. The usage of these materials should be incorporated into the onboarding training for new staff members and in performance improvement programs.

For your IT team, a reduction in tickets means reduced query-related workload and freedom gained to focus on ensuring strategic IT operations and more meaningful tasks. In terms of your wider team, less time will be spent on submitting tickets and waiting for the issue to be resolved. As a result, downtime is therefore minimised with less disruption to business, enabling your company to function more effectively.

Online learning is a much more affordable option than instructor led, and offsite training courses and offers all of your staff access to a wide range of material over a period of time and provides an always available learning resources at any time through the online course. CloudTech24 provide services to businesses in London, Surrey, Susssex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK.

Outside of our training platform, the CloudTech24 IT specialist team are on hand round-the-clock to provide specialist guidance and assistance. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your staff have the support they need and your IT systems are running securely and effectively. Working alongside us means that you’ll have unlimited access to our IT support service, delivered by our technical experts.

IT Training is an important aspect for organisations to implement – In the modern business environment, IT plays a fundamental role in enterprise operations with staff relying on a wide range of IT tools to complete their tasks every single day. But how knowledgeable are your staff on the tools they are using?

For any organisation serious about business growth, understanding how to use your IT equipment is essential. You can purchase the most advanced IT equipment on the market, but if your staff do not know how to utilise them correctly, your company will fail to reap the full rewards. With the right IT training however, your staff will learn how to manage and optimise your IT tools and platforms themselves, thus generating real productivity benefits for your organisation.

CloudTech24 offers premium-quality IT training support to businesses and SMEs of all sizes across the UK. The main channel we use to facilitate comprehensive learning is through our online training platform that can be customised to limit the scope of content available to staff with more content deployed on a scheduled basis.

We appreciate that every company requires a slightly different type of IT training and we’re committed to providing the specific guidance your staff require, at a budget that suits you. Based on your IT platforms and current staff knowledge, we’ll create a personalised learning solution that caters to your needs and is centred around boosting staff capacity and business growth.

Our advanced platform is user-friendly and features a wide selection of valuable videos covering both IT training and cyber security training, The content is granular and customisable but common content we deploy to organisations includes, but not limited to:

Microsoft Office 365 Training

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365
  • How to Store your Data in the Cloud and Access it on Demand
  • Communicate and Collaborate Easily with Teams, Sway and Forms
  • Work the Way you Want to and Select Between Web-Based and Desktop Apps

Google Workspace Training

Remote Working Training

  • How to Manage your Time Effectively
  • Staying Safe Online
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Self Motivation

Windows 10 Training

  • More Settings and the Control Panel
  • The Action Centre and Multiple Desktops Introducing Cortana.
  • More About Cortana
  • Introducing Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Edge Sharing and Adding Extensions Microsoft Edge Settings and Working with Tabs

Leadership and Management Training

  • Team Leadership
  • Being a leader
  • The Importance of Motivation

Cyber Security Training

  • What is a Backup
  • Types of Backup
  • Browse with Confidence
  • Cyber Security in the Small Business
  • Cyber Security Tips for the Small Business
  • Eight Characters Isn’t Enough
  • Password Management Programmes
  • Phishing
  • Physical Cyber Security
  • Practice Safe Sharing
  • More Ways of Sharing Data Safely
  • Stay on Top of Your Accounts
  • Tips to Keep you Safe and Secure Online
  • More Ways of Staying Safe Online
  • Understanding malware
  • Ways to Protect Yourself from a Malware Attack
  • You are a Target
  • Your first line of Defence

Mental Health in the Workplace

  • The Way to Good Mental Health
  • Promoting Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Key Measures for a Mentally Healthy Workplace
  • Supporting your Colleagues and Team Members
  • Dealing with Stress

Customer Service Training

  • Customer Value
  • Customer Communication
  • What Do Customers Want
  • Brand and Image

Learn at your own pace

Each training video has been handpicked by a member of our expert team for its high-quality and effectiveness. Our training videos are on average no longer than three minutes each, covering everything you need to know in a concise manner. The short yet informative nature of our videos makes them the perfect tool for helping staff gain knowledge and awareness. Colleagues can watch the videos online and fit training into their schedules without causing disruption to their daily workloads.

We’re also proud to offer you additional training outside the field of IT. We recognise the importance of professional development, so we have created training modules in accordance with this. Your colleagues will gain insight into key business skills required for success. This adds another dimension to your training and staff capabilities, which in turn will enable your company to achieve more. With our training platform, you also have the ability to track who has watched which videos. The organisations we work with consider this to be an incredibly useful tool for maintaining staff training records.

Common FAQs about our IT Training

We often receive questions about our IT training so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

IT training is helps your staff develop increased efficiency and productivity with using your technical IT systems – this have positive impact for both the employee and the organisation. Our eLearning platform ensures that training can be provided alongside their day to day role or developing their knowledge outside of working hours.
The best IT training for non technical employees should be broad in nature and offer knowledge for general IT familiarisation, cyber security and vendor specific training, such as Microsoft 365, Google G Suite and Microsoft Office Applications.
IT training is specific learning modules relating to the usage of computer-based information systems. The CloudTech24 training platform covers a wide variety of training and specific technical tips on vendors and product details.
eLearning is training or education that is delivered via an online platform and access via a computer. CloudTech24’s training is delivered via eLearning and ensures staff can perform full training courses and ad hoc reference to material at their convenience.
The best eLearning platforms provide organisations with the ability to choose relevant course and training materials that will benefit their staff and relate to the software applications and remove any material that may not be suitable based on applications and software used for the organisation.
CloudTech24’s eLearning platform is a customisable platform that we optimise based on the training and learning requirements of each organisation.
CloudTech24’s eLearning platform provides end user training for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft desktop and business applications.
CloudTech24’s eLearning platform provides end user Google Workspace Technical Training.
Cybersecurity awareness is important to ensure and maintain a secure workforce – The CloudTech24 eLearning training platform ensures that your staff have access to the required learning to protect your organisation.
In addition to our online, hosted e-learning platform CloudTech24 can provide specialist and customised training sessions either as video conference or in person training, to maximise the learning outcome this is typically performed in parallel to our e-learning IT training to ensure ongoing development and always available enablement.

Does Your Business Need IT Support?

Please get in touch with our team for more information. You can also book a free IT assessment in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire and across the UK.