Comprehensive Business IT support in Worthing

Would your business benefit from elite IT support? CloudTech24 provides the market's best fully managed IT Support in Worthing to businesses of all sizes. 

CloudTech24 are one of the leading IT Companies in Worthing enabling businesses with IT support and strategic managed IT Services facilitating maximum efficiency and safety protection for your IT systems. To date, we’ve helped over 120 businesses across the UK, to function effectively with minimum IT-related disruption to business activity. Eliminating downtime provides real productivity benefits within the workforce, helping you to maintain and grow your business more effectively. Our clients have taken advantage of these rewards and with CloudTech24 managed IT services, you can too.


CloudTech24 are an IT company in Worthing and would love to find out more about your business, share our insight, and discuss how we can equip your company with the IT support and technologies it needs to succeed.

In addition to our general IT professional services, CloudTech24 also offers specific support in the following areas:


  • Worthing IT SupportIT has its complexities, but with CloudTech24 IT is simple. We provide a unique offer of unlimited, round-the-clock IT support to all our clients, with our team of experts on hand ready to answer any questions you may have and provide top-quality remote assistance. With our 24/7 support service, you can ensure that your IT systems are always safe and secure.
  • UK Team – Our technical specialists are based at our headquarters local to Worthing. They are contactable by phone, email, and instant messenger and can also visit your site to provide on-site IT support assistance as and when required. You can also have confidence in knowing that every staff member has been fully background checked and vetted.
  • Real-time Monitoring We facilitate exceptional management of your IT systems through real-time monitoring. This allows us to track all activity on your business-critical platforms and conduct continuous health and security checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If any potential issues are flagged, we can provide immediate response and implement a resolution to fix the problem before any significant disruption to your IT systems occurs.
  • Trusted Supplier We hold official associations with both Google G Suite and Microsoft 365. Our certified partner status means that we’re recommended by two of the largest global IT providers. Through these partnerships, our clients benefit from uniquely discounted rates and insight.
  • Free IT Health Check We offer full site assessments to all new and potential customers, free of charge, in the form of an IT health check. Our IT health checks involve a comprehensive review of your company’s current IT infrastructure and systems followed by specialist advice on the best provisions to help your business attain its full potential.



We provide our IT Services to clients across Easts Sussex and West Sussex, which is why we have a remote support team who are available 24/7/365 and supported by our office locations in our Surrey, and London office locations.

Get in touch for your FREE IT Health Check which includes detailed security. We will analyse and we can present our findings online, at your offices or at our London offices. It’s your choice. 


“The team at CloudTech24 are superb! They are refreshingly different in their approach, it’s not too salesy, and they are more tech-geeks that like to impress you
with things that really make your life and your business run better! We worked out that they have managed to save 1 day of work per month, meaning I might have 12 days spare to actually take a holiday this year! Their core values are really about security and I know how important that is these days! Couldn’t recommend them enough, thanks so much guys!”


Giovanni Barreca, Director

Progression Design

“Great team. They’ve listened to our requirements and have put together a comprehensive package to manage both our emails and backups in a cost-effective,
security-minded way. More than happy to recommend.”

Allen Betchley, MD, Progression Design
Progression Design

Utility Warehouse

“I’m deeply impressed with CloudTech24’s breadth and depth of technical knowledge, and practical skills in how they dealt with a previous business customer
who had a severe email security breach. They immediately secured the system and it was clear that the team understood the gravity of the situation,
exuding calm and confidence which was backed up by their actions. They helped to prepare clear and concise data breach reports in plain English that the client could easily understand. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Dave Goodman
Utility Warehouse

Prima Vista

“CloudTech24 are the perfect blend of professional, personable and pragmatic.
The team have made everything work the way it’s meant to work. The process was clear, non-techy and smooth.”

Andy Fairgrieve, Director
Prima Vista

Fernweh Travel

“Highly recommend CloudTech24 for their personal service, attention to detail and helpful advice.
Don’t go anywhere else for your business IT support!”

Ali Shute, Travel Consultant
Fernweh Travel

Sterling and Law

“CloudTech24 are true professionals, taking the utmost pride in their job.
They really listen and with their years of experience are able to provide a deliverable solution that saves you time and money.
I would highly recommend CloudTech24 to anyone seeking IT / Cloud based solutions for their business.”

Rob Harradine, Independent Financial Consultant
Sterling & Law Group

Susannah Sheppard

“It’s great to work with an IT company who offer such a personal service and who offer helpful advice in language that’s easy to understand.
Being able to speak to someone quickly and easily is wonderfully refreshing. I can thoroughly recommend CloudTech24 for business IT support.”

Susannah Sheppard, Director
Creative Consultant

The HR Dept

“I recently needed urgent help to set up IT support for a new business. The team at CloudTech24 were really supportive, flexible and reliable.
I often find IT issues so stressful but they had the whole thing sorted in a couple of phone calls. Marvellous! Thank you the CloudTech24 team.”


Sandra Porter, MD
The HR Dept

Pearce Marketing

“We rely heavily on cloud and digital technology for our productivity. The set up and ongoing help desk support for all our operations is excellent.
Highly recommended for G Suite and all network requirements!”


Emma Pearce, MD
Pearce Marketing


Here at CloudTech24 we adopt only the best software and hardware. We operate using advanced cloud technology and proactive monitoring and management. Through these premium tools, we deliver continuous security, health, and performance automation, to ensure your critical business platforms are functioning safely and effectively. Our ultra-modern way of working also means that we can provide immediate remote access to manage the network infrastructure and user devices to provide swift response and resolution. This method ensures that your IT systems are running at an optimum rate 24/7 and in comparison to the traditional IT support model, is much more convenient and cost-effective.

We also specialise in cybersecurity and can, therefore, offer your company ultimate IT security protection. Our expert team has a comprehensive understanding of all things cybersecurity and we’re keen to share our knowledge with you to ensure your IT systems are safeguarded. Moreover, CloudTech24 also holds ongoing business relationships with numerous world-leading providers. Combined with our specialist background, this places us in a favourable position when it comes to finding the latest and most effective safety solutions for your business.

well as our high-tech systems, working alongside CloudTech24 means that you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight from a professional team of technical experts. From business broadband to Google Cloud and Microsoft 365 support, our experts in Worthing can provide first-class IT support whatever your needs may be. Our whole approach revolves around your business objectives and what you’re trying to achieve. We are passionate about enabling your organisation to obtain new levels of success, and you can trust that our team will go above and beyond to facilitate this. With our unique expertise and forward-thinking approach, we can even create bespoke support services, personalised to the individual specifications of your business.


We work with some of the world’s leading technology brands to ensure our customers receive the best support for their business. 

Based in Worthing and in need of IT Management Services?

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