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Here at CloudTech24, we offer Dropbox support to many in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK. As IT support experts, you can trust in us to look after your IT requirements and relieve you of that extra workload. We use our knowledge in advanced technology to continuously track the security and health of your IT operations. In turn, ensuring that your application is secure and running as efficiently as possible. Delegating your technical demands will boost inhouse productivity and will free up your internal staff to focus on more rewarding business activities.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud based file hosting service which allows users to drop any file into any designated folder and access them later, even on a different device. The files uploaded are automatically uploaded to Dropbox’s cloud and in theory, are available to any other users that have the application installed. Only however, if they have been invited to collaborate with the file or folder by the owner. Essentially, it’s a platform to store and share a variety of file types.

The Dropbox servers keep the same files up to date on all devices. When a user makes changes to one of the folders, Dropbox only updates the pieces of the file that have been changed, rather than updating the whole file. The application is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux computers. It’s also available in mobile app form for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

The level of your account identifies with how much storage space and features you are given access to. Dropbox Plus users are given two terabytes of storage space, as well as advanced sharing controls, remote wipe, and an optional Extended Version History add-on.

a range of apple technology devices including an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and keyboard

Tailored support for your business

CloudTech24’s elite IT support specialists are here to help organise and structure your business with Dropbox. Our services are built around your company requirements and objectives. Whether you’re seeking migration, monitoring or management support, we always take a strategic approach to guarantee the best outcomes. With CloudTech24, you can take comfort in knowing that both your business and Dropbox technology are safe and healthy at all times, functioning at an optimum rate. To further increase your Dropbox support, you will also have unlimited access to our IT support service with our Dropbox business team on hand 24/7 to provide remote support.

Speak to CloudTech24 to understand more about our Dropbox support services. One of our expert team members will help you to learn how to leverage cloud technologies to propel your business applications into a robust cloud platform without the stress of outdated or inferior infrastructure.

Common FAQs about Dropbox

Please see below for more information on our Dropbox support. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

Dropbox is a cloud storage and sharing service. Users are provided with an online storage space for almost any file type (documents, videos, images etc) which is hosted on Dropbox and accessible anywhere via the Internet.
The files you share in Dropbox are private until you decide otherwise. You can invite specific people or teams of colleagues to collaborate on a file with access to view or even edit the file. You are completely in control of the accessibility of your files and folders.
Files that are ‘in the cloud’ are stored on an online provider’s platform only (such as Dropbox); they are not downloaded on to your computers hard drive – this means the files are accessible remotely so you can engage with them on the go.
Dropbox has multiple layers of protection which include file encryption using 256-bit Advnaced Encryption Standard (AES), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Transport Layer Security (TLS) and regular security vulnerability testing. Two-step verification is also available for an extra layer of protection.
‘Sync’ is short for synchronise. When you sync a device, it synchronises it with the data on your computer – this typically updates both devices with the most recent version of whatever you are syncing. Syncing is automatic on your Dropbox account which means the latest file versions are always at your fingertips.
Dropbox has paid and free options, depending on the amount of storage you require. However there are costs associated with managing Dropbox platforms and ensuring aspects such as performance, health monitoring and backup are in place. CloudTech24 offers cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of every business and ensures strong health, security and performance.
Yes – we can perform migrations to Dropbox from solutions of your choice and we can also migrate from Dropbox to solutions such as Sharepoint, Onedrive and Google Drive.

Does your business need IT Support for Dropbox?

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