CloudTech24 offers premium-level Cyber Security consultancy services to businesses in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK.

Working with organisations to perform initial cyber risk assessment, through to transforming their security architecture through customised high impact cyber security advisory services and technical managed security services.

Advancements in IT and cloud solutions have resulted in huge benefits to businesses today but also an opportunity for attackers to leverage these connected systems to launch advanced attacks to your IT systems. Organisations are required to build a cyber security strategy to protect their organisation and ensure systems are operational and provide the correct availability to their staff.

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CloudTech24 provides actionable output of our engagements by providing the visibility required to assess your current security controls and advance your IT security and significantly reduce the risk of integral business damage caused by cyber incidents. We understand that every business is different and we’re dedicated to providing the very best cyber security consultancy services for every company. The CloudTech24 services are focused on a holistic approach to program management not just technical testing such as vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

To do this, we focus on learning everything there is to know about your IT systems, current cybersecurity, as well as your wider business objectives. As part of our cybersecurity consultancy package we offer a free IT health check to all new and prospective companies to gain a high level understanding of your organisation and cyber security risks and implementation of a structured risk management program.

The exclusive CloudTech24 IT health check covers a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure. Our team of IT experts will technically assess your organisation’s current cybersecurity strategy and identify any gaps and issues. We will also test the effectiveness of your current security perimeter in defending against cyber attacks. With our specialist knowledge and practical experience, we’ll make a recommendation on the best IT provisions to include in your cybersecurity strategy.

We believe the best results are achieved through working collaboratively, and your input is key to our cybersecurity consultancy service. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and we can discuss any concerns you may throughout the entire process. If you’re worried about your organisation’s current level of security, contact us today to organise your free IT health check and take the first steps towards maximised cyber safeguarding.

CloudTech24 will go over and above to create a strategy that aligns with your IT business needs and objectives and provides the ultimate cybersecurity protection for your business-critical platforms. All while working closely alongside you and keeping costs down. Our mission is to prepare and protect your business against cybersecurity attacks. We implement measures to ensure that you’re fully equipped to detect threats, and if a threat does occur, you have a solid response and recovery process in place. We’ll incorporate all of these elements into your cybersecurity strategy, alongside our industry-leading technological capabilities and round-the-clock elite IT support.

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To help you gain a cutting-edge advantage, we incorporate industry knowledge and best practices into our cybersecurity consultancy and strategy services. Industry best practices are a great indicator of how to get the most out of your cybersecurity and should be adhered to at all times. In the world of IT security, NIST and the MITRE ATT&CK framework offer two of the market’s most insightful best practices guidelines. We will work with you to help you understand these guidelines and ensure that your cybersecurity strategy incorporates industry best practices.

Developing company-wide knowledge of how to minimise and manage cybersecurity risks is a crucial part of any strong cybersecurity strategy for both protection and also incident response. End-users play a large role in ensuring adequate cybersecurity protection is maintained, and staff must comply with basic data security principles and understand how to effectively manage end-user devices. CloudTech24 is here to provide expert guidance and ensure that maintaining high standards across your business is attainable. We provide cybersecurity training and awareness for your staff, including ongoing phishing assessments, to evaluate awareness. We’re with you every step of the way, offering both pre-launch and post-implementation training.

CloudTech24’s cybersecurity consultancy services offer your business the rare opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s finest technical experts. We know first-hand that to achieve the most powerful cyber safety, a tiered approach needs to be adopted, amalgamating several layers of protection. As cybersecurity specialists, we can offer expert advice on the best provisions for your company and facilitate effective implementation of all areas, including:

  • Endpoint Security and Protected Workstation solutions providing proactive monitoring and maintenance of your organisation’s devices, to ensure optimal health, security and performance.
  • Managed Firewalls and VPN to protect your infrastructure against cybersecurity threats, placing a physical barrier between your internal network and untrusted external networks.

In the business environment email gateways and security breaches are closely connected; maintaining Email Security is therefore key. Our high-quality tools ensure that you’re protected against spam, phishing and malware, with the risk of security breach significantly reduced.

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Once your cybersecurity strategy has launched, our services don’t end there. As a fully managed and supported IT service provider, we offer dynamic system monitoring and management to deliver continuous security and performance optimisation and 24/7 remote support to ensure data protection against todays emerging cyber threats.

Get ahead of the curve with CloudTech24’s cybersecurity consultancy and strategy solutions. Built and delivered by leading IT specialists, our services are all-inclusive and provide the expert guidance and customised scheme of solutions your organisation requires to achieve maximum cybersecurity protection.

Common FAQs about our Cyber Security Consultancy Services

We often receive questions about our cyber security consultancy services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

A Cyber Security Consultant oversees all of the IT security needs of a business. Their job involves analysing and monitoring security measures, identifying potential breaches, and deploying the most effective cyber security solutions to ensure that IT systems and business data are always protected.
Security Consultants provide specialist cyber security assistance to minimise the risk of cyber attacks for companies. They recommend best in class solutions and offer ongoing cyber security support to effectively protect business data and assets.
Any organisation serious about maintaining high levels of security protection for their business should consider cyber security consulting. Today the importance of cyber security continues to grow; however as cyber attacks advance and more businesses turn to cloud computing, safeguarding your IT systems is difficult to navigate without professional support. This is why cyber security consulting is so valuable.
Yes, we can test your cyber security to measure its effectiveness against a potential cyber attack. With our advanced cyber security testing we can conduct a full assessment of your IT infrastructure to locate gaps that might otherwise have been missed.
The cost of our cyber security consulting service is dependent on your individual needs. Once we’ve conducted an initial IT health check, we’ll be able to advise on a cost that suits your budget.
Typically we can audit networks both externally and internally to see what exposure points there are, developing from this the internal scan can show where data is.
CloudTech24 provide a tiered level of IT services with embedded cyber security protection against advanced threats. Comprehensive protection is achieved through the layering of solutions to include detection and prevention technology, with processes and specialised expertise for a complete security operations service and protect your business.
Vulnerability management is the process of ongoing assessment and management of network and web applications vulnerabilities that may expose your organisation to a cyber security threat or data exposure. The CloudTech24 team use enterprise tooling to perform these assessments based on an agreed schedule and provide a comprehensive custom report.
Penetration testing is the manual testing of a network or web application to identify vulnerability and attempt to exploit and measure the impact of the vulnerability and how this can be leveraged by an attacker. Our penetration testing services are often coupled with our VMaaS (Vulnerability management as a service) solutions to provide a comprehensive service on an ongoing basis.
CloudTech24 can offer an extremely granular level of security assessments including Vulnerability management as a services (VMaaS), Penetration testing and forensic network security monitoring. Speak to our consultative team of security experts about your compliance, regulatory or contractual requirements.

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