CloudTech24 offers Cyber Essentials certification to businesses in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the UK

CloudTech24 are Cyber Essentials assessors with first-hand knowledge of the importance of having robust cyber security within a business. Not only does cyber essentials validate you commitment to data and cyber security it safeguards your data, and reduces the likelihood of a cyber attack and the associated data, reputational and monetary losses.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification, awarded to companies who follow the core principles of cyber security outlined by the cyber essentials scheme. This industry-recognised programme ensures businesses will be guarded against the most common threats faced. This includes mitigating risks such as malicious website links and emails, phishing attacks, and Malware. To be awarded a Cyber Essentials certificate, an audit of the current security controls and strategy will be undertaken to identify weaknesses and ensure coverage of best practice implementation and configuration. As well as the obvious benefits for an organisation, some businesses will only work with companies with companies accredited with Cyber Essentials. Moreover, it demonstrates to all businesses or customers you work with, a commitment to data security and adequate security measures in place.

CloudTech24 offer Cyber Essentials plus other associated cyber security assessments to ensure your organisation is secured against advanced threats. CloudTech24 provide cyber essentials consulting and services to assist organisation in completing the self assessment form for cyber essentials and provide organisations of the support they need to complete the process and gain the cyber essentials certification.

Cyber Essentials


  • Protection of your Business Data

    Cyber crime costs businesses vast amounts of money and time when data has not been safeguarded.  With the ever-changing times, legacy security methodologies and control do not offer enough protection for organisations against advanced cyber security threats.

  • Mitigating Cyber Security Risks

    In order to receive the Cyber Essentials certificate, an audit is completed on your current business set up. The scheme will ensure that once a year, the correct principles are adhered to within the organisation to minify both internal and external threats against hacking opportunities and other advanced threats.

  • Government-Backed Cyber Security Scheme

    Cyber Essentials was developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and is a government-backed certification recognised throughout the UK. By certifying to the Cyber Essentials standard, your business can be assured of meeting the core principles, as recognised by UK government and industry leaders to protect against cyber security threats, are being met.

  • Ability Work With All Businesses

    Being Cyber Essentials certified ensures that businesses can bid for contracts and transact with central government and public sector organisations which involves the handling of sensitive and personal information (PII).

  • Attract New Business

    Attract new business through having an industry-recognised cyber security certificate. By having a Cyber Essentials certificate, prospective customers can recognise your commitment to safeguarding data. Cyber Essentials aligns business against best practice and to reassure clients with a demonstrable level of cyber security within your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Essentials

We receive many questions regarding the Cyber Essentials certification process and how it can help your business. We have answered our most common questions below, but if there are any other outstanding queries, please feel free to speak to one of our cyber essential assessors who can assist you further.

Cyber Essentials certificates will be valid for one year after the certification is granted. Assessments are required once the certificate expires; CloudTech24 can manage this with businesses on an annual basis.

To work with some businesses, such as government sector (since 1st October 2014) and other. large organisations, a Cyber Essentials certificate is a mandatory requirement. This will demonstrate to the supplier that the company has the correct procedures in place to minimise common cyber threats and data breaches.

In order to give a Cyber Essentials certificates to a businesses, a company must be a certified Cyber Essentials accreditation company. CloudTech24 is a certified to perform Cyber Essentials certification and will assist organisations to receive these in a timely manner.

With a team of highly experienced cyber-security experts, CloudTech24 can work with businesses to receive a Cyber Essentials certificate within 24 hours. From help filling out the self assessment questionnaire to identifying and rectifying cyber security weaknesses, CloudTech24 provide an end to end process and can guide you through the full process and assist with any cyber security requirements that need to be put in place.

Yes, Cyber Essentials is a mandatory for government and Ministry of Defence (MoD) Contracts – CloudTech24 can work with your business to ensure you meet the requirements for cyber essentials and can tender for central government contracts.

The IASME consortium is the Cyber Essentials Partner chosen by the National Cyber Security Centre to manage the Cyber Essentials governance program. CloudTech24 is a IASME approved Cyber Essentials partner that have been proven through thorough assessment to deliver comprehensive cyber essentials assessments.

There are differing levels of cyber essentials with the standard and cyber essentials plus certification – Speak to our team about your governance requirements and we can provide you with accurate costs to allign your business to the compliance required to achieve cyber essentials.

In need of Cyber Security certification?

Contact CloudTech24 today to get your business a Cyber Essentials certificate. Government-backed and industry recognised, as well as giving you peace of mind that your organisation is following the correct procedures to minify your cyber threats, it could attract new business!