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Our IT consultancy services enables organisations to leverage our specialist technical engineers with both short and long term IT projects for your organisation. Not only can we build your business up with the most elite systems and latest technologies to prepare you for the best by reaching your business goals, we also can prepare you for the worst with a disaster recover strategy. Currently, more than 77% of organisations are risking immense losses without one!

In-depth knowledge

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of technology systems, we can help you with a wide range of Information technology queries or problems your business is currently facing. We can also provide advice and information to help you and your team learn and adopt best practices. In doing so, your organisation will experience increased objectives, fulfilment and to expand business goals and revenue.

The CloudTech24 IT consultancy services follow a structured engagement to understand your business, discuss your requirements and understand the business objectives before proposing our approach. This initial process is performed by our technical project managers who will be delivering the solution, this ensures that our consulting is scoped correctly and aligned to best practice and achievable within the budget and time constraints defined.

Once the initial engagement process is complete all projects are aligned to a devised planning stage that includes the initial statement of work (SoW) for the specified technology consulting, that defines the project scope, phased activities and timelines – this is agreed by all parties before proceeding with technical consulting.

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