For modern businesses reliable internet connectivity is essential.

Do you need a fast and uncontended business broadband service? CloudTech24 offers business broadband to SME’s in LondonSurreySussexBerkshireHampshire and across the UK.

Our Business broadband packages aim to give you and your business a high-speed, uncontended and most importantly, reliable and cost effective internet connection that is required for optimal functionality.

An uncontended internet connection refers to where you gain a fixed connection speed regardless of the time of day, or number of people ‘sharing the pipe’ to the exchange. As such, this type of connection is optimal for business’ that need a constant high speed connection, in comparison to consumer options which are prone to suffering from slowing down when multiple people are ‘sharing the pipe’.

The business broadband options we can provide your business vary considerably based on geographic location and the availability of local services. To get to know your options, please contact our experienced team.

With the huge amount of offerings from multiple providers it can be difficult to understand the best options and the associated pricing complexities. This is where our team step in. With multiple years of experience, we can help you to choose the business broadband plan that is best for you. It will result in increased efficiency, functionality and anticipated reduction in running costs.

We will also offer full support if anything were to happen to your connection – with our team ensuring that we will get your connection back up as soon as possible, whether the issue be internally at your end, or at the end of the provider.

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Common FAQs about our Business Broadband

We often receive questions about our Business Broadband so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

An internet connection is critical to modern businesses, internet connections come in many options for both home and business requirements, CloudTech24 specialise in robust internet connections for businesses – business broadband options are suited for business use and have better reliability, connectivity and line options than home broadband connections. Options to consider when choosing a business broadband connection are contended or un-contended connections, broadband speeds, network hardware, contract length and dedicated static IP addresses.
A leased line is a dedicated private circuit between your office or data centre location via the ISP to connect you to the internet. Leased lines are essentially a data line or data link that are used by businesses to connect to the internet and to geographically distant offices. Leased lines are typically more expensive than other available internet connections but depending on location can provide significantly better network uptime, network speeds and with rated SLA’s.
FTTX, is “Fibre to the X” this is a generic term used for the termination point of optical fibre broadband service from a service provider.
FTTC, is “Fibre to the Cabinet”, this form of internet connection uses optical fibre to the local data cabinet/node with copper connectivity to the business premises.
Fibre to the premises, this form of internet connectivity uses optical fibre directly to the business premises.
Unlike FTTC, FTTP is fully fibre connectivity to the business premises, these services are not as widely available to all businesses as FTTC. FTTP generally is slightly more expensive than FTTC but provides better network performance and speeds.
CloudTech24 work with multiple providers to ensure we can assist with finding the best connectivity options for your business – the best provider is subject to the business location and available services at these locations.
An uncontended internet connection is effectively a dedicated internet connection that is not shared by any other subscribers. many low quality and home internet connections are contended which share your bandwidth with other businesses and homes and does not provide the reliability and uptime required by a modern business.
Reliable internet connection is a must for all organisations but it is also important to consider having a separate internet line in place in the event of a failure of the primary line. CloudTech24 work with organisations to implement technology to load balance across both internet connections to increase bandwidth or to failover in the event of an internet outage on the primary line.
ISP stands for “Internet Service Provider”, this is a company or organisation that provides network connectivity and internet access for personal and business use


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