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Google Workspace Setup on Apple iOS

gmail sign in

Google Workspace setup on iOS

Here at CloudTech24, we look after email accounts for a portfolio of clients. If you’re interested in licensing for Google Workspace or business IT support, please see the dropdown menus for a broad range of our specialist services. If you’re looking for assistance in how to set up a Gmail account on your Apple iPhone or iPad then please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Apple App Store and type in ‘Gmail’.


Locate the app ‘Gmail – Email by Google’ as seen on the screen below and you should either see the cloud button as seen in the red box, which means you are re-downloading it, or you should see a blue button that says ‘GET’. Click which ever of these applies to you.


2. Open the app once it has downloaded; it will bring you to this page. Click sign in.

3. Here, you can add new accounts. Click ‘Add another account.

. Here, you can click on the relevant email provider, in this case it will be Google.

gmail app

5. Enter your email address.

sign in

6. Enter your password, and then click ‘Next’.

google account

7. Google will now send you a text with a 6-digit verification code; this is an extra security layer. Enter the code, and click ‘Next’.


8. You should now be signed into your email. Finally, you can decide whether you would like Gmail to send you notifications. Click the appropriate setting.


There you have it – that’s how to set up a Gmail email address on iOS! For an overview of our services, please see below. For further assistance, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team of IT professionals.



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