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Outsourcing Your IT Company; The Myths Busted

To properly decide whether outsourcing your IT company is for you or how to go about doing it requires having the facts. Unfortunately, there are some preconceived notions which people often believe which simply are not true. Hopefully, by dispelling some of these myths in this IT outsourcing guide we can help you make a more informed decision about hiring an external IT company.

The Myths

Myth 1: Outsourcing IT Means Replacing Your Current Team

If you already have a team and are on the verge of needing to expand or have a few specialist jobs which need taking care of, outsourcing could be perfect for you. This doesn’t mean replacing your existing team. Outsourcing can be used to expand your capabilities and fill gaps in your team’s expertise. There are many areas of IT from Microsoft office support to cyber security. Covering all these areas in-house may require a large team but you can keep your team smaller by supplementing your needs through IT outsourcing.

If you are not personally part of your company’s IT department having a team, even a small one, who can work directly with your outsourced company could improve workflow. Furthermore, having your own IT team to coordinate with your outsourced team can remove you from the process freeing you up to attend to other areas of the business.

Myth 2: IT Outsourcing Is Only For Large Companies

Companies of all sizes need IT services and there are IT companies to fill all of meet all of these needs. Whilst some companies may be exclusive to larger organisations there are plenty who work with small and medium businesses too. Some exclusively work with small to medium enterprises. As a small business, you may require specialist knowledge but are not at a scale to justify fulltime hires. This is where IT companies really shine. With a full team on hand, IT companies can parse out tasks to the respective experts.

Myth 3: All IT Companies Are The Same

Not all IT companies are made equal. They vary in every way from the level of expertise and services offered to the price. They operate differently too. Some operate by paring out each small task to the person best suited to it whilst others prefer to have a team work more holistically with you so they can understand the intimacies and nuances of your business better. Both come with their benefits and you’ll have to decide which works best for you.

Knowledge levels can also vary wildly and as with all industries some businesses will communicate brilliantly whilst others will not. not all IT companies are good, nor are they all bad. If you’ve had a bad experience before don’t let that taint your view of all IT companies. If you’ve had good past experiences don’t forgo due diligence in the future.

Has debunking these myths changed your mind about outsourcing your IT? Misconceptions such as “all IT companies are the same” can prevent people from outsourcing even if it could greatly benefit their business. Hopefully, by dispelling these common myths we have helped you make a more informed decision about outsourcing your IT. No matter the size of your business you can outsource your IT and not just to replace your in-house team. It companies vary greatly in both ability and areas of expertise – so as long as you do you due diligence you can find the perfect team for you.

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