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The Benefits Of A Managed Firewall Service

Cyber security is essential to any business. Your business holds potential profits for unethical hackers which makes you a target.

Firewalls are your first line of defence against such attacks. However, firewalls require setup as well as routine upgrades and monitoring to be optimally effective. This means, if you are looking for the best possible firewall security, you should be looking at a managed firewall service.

A managed firewall service offers many benefits to give you the best possible cyber security. Continue reading to explore the plethora of benefits and find out how you could enhance your cyber security with managed firewalls.

Expertise for Every Aspect Of Your Firewall Security

Properly maintaining and upgrading firewalls requires a lot of specialised knowledge. Unfortunately for you, building the necessary team of IT experts can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have access to the team you need to keep your firewalls running effectively.

A firewall management service from an IT support team will give you access to a wide breadth of expertise, parsing out each element of your firewall security to the expert in that area. All without the need to expensively put together your own team or settle for hiring a “jack of all trades” with a standard level of knowledge across the board.

Quick Recovery If The Worst Should Happen

Nothing is perfect. Even the most sophisticated firewalls are breached at times.

In the case that the worst does happen and an attack is successful, you will want a team on hand to get your network back up and running. A firewall management service will come in extremely handy if you encounter an issue.

With a team working to detect new threats, a firewall management service will highly reduce the risk of such an incident occurring, but nothing offers a 100% protection which is why quick recovery is highly necessary.

Reporting Allows You to Keep Your Security Measures Up To Date

Your business is likely facing many threats but without the proper insights, you won’t know the scale of the challenges facing your business. With a managed firewall service, you will gain access to detailed reports which can inform your cyber security measures. These reports can help you improve your security and continually update it to meet new threats. You can identify weaknesses and even track employee behaviours which could be presenting a risk to your business.

The key to effectively maintaining strong cyber security is to continually identify weaknesses and adapt accordingly. Strong cyber security is a moving target and regular reports as part of your firewall management service will help you keep up with it.

Firewalls are fundamental to protecting your network and keeping your business safe from hackers. However, a firewall alone is not enough. A firewall needs monitoring and updating and that requires a lot of time and expertise. That expertise is hard to come by if you try to put together your own team and requires deep pockets. Thankfully, firewall management services offer access to this level of expertise for a fraction of the cost and help you to continually keep your security measures up to date.

Ransomware, spyware and viruses all pose a threat to your business. But just being aware of the threats is not enough. You need a solution. Cyber security cannot be overlooked by businesses but managing it internally can be difficult, expensive and time-intensive. Hopefully, the benefits of firewall management outlined in this post will encourage you to pursue it in order to step up your business’ network security.

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