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Follow 3 Cyber Security Tips | Stay Safe

When it comes to running a business in today’s world it is impossible to escape the near necessity of IT. Computers have made life much easier. A word processor is far more effective than a typewriter after all. However, typewriters are not vulnerable to cyberattacks or hackers. Don’t worry though, in this post we have three cybersecurity tips for helping you keep your business safe so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

Have A Data Backup System

If something happens to your files you must have access to uncorrupted, undamaged or otherwise unaltered copies. To keep your files safe from hackers and others with ill-intent it is vital to have a thorough backup strategy in place which utilises several types of backups so that you are not too dependent on one back-up or type of backup.

By using a combination of local backups such as external hard drives and USBs, and off-site backups such as cloud storage you can take advantage of many benefits. This will mean you are not dependant on internet access but can also take advantage of cybersecurity options offered by internet and cloud-based backups. Where necessary you can also create and store hard copies of documents.

Backing up your data is essential and extremely easy to implement. Failing to implement backups could be costly to your business, don’t take the risk. Here, at Cloud24, we offer data backup solutions using cutting edge cloud-based technology – get started today.

Create and Implement Data Security Policies

If you leave data security in the hands of your employees, things are inevitably going to go wrong. That doesn’t mean it is their fault, without strict guidelines and company-wide standards things are easily overlooked and slip through the net. The lack of policy leaves employees flying blind and the eventual resulting mistakes could leave you vulnerable to hackers. And hackers are not the only thing to look out for, a GDPR breach, even an accidental one, could be very costly to a business.

For these reasons among others, your business must have a data security policy and standardised practices regarding data use and storage. This not only reduces the risk of things going wrong, but it also makes it easier to spot something when it does. Companies are filled with policies and standardised practices to make things run as smoothly and effectively as possible, why would you not apply the same process to your data security?

Educating Employees Through Appropriate Training

Good teams are crucial to a business. From sales teams to accountants, having the best, most qualified people, working for you is good for business. However, employees don’t come fully trained. Even the most trained staff still have room for improvement. For employees that are not working directly on data protection and cybersecurity for your business, it will likely be up to you to see that they receive the appropriate training. Whether this means ensuring everyone attends your GDPR course or a company-wide training on the company data security policy, training is fundamental to effective data security.

As we mentioned earlier it is easy for oversight to cause weaknesses in your data security, but you can eliminate the oversight by ensuring all staff are properly trained on both processes and the consequences of failing to adhere to them.

Cybersecurity can seem daunting especially if you have limited experience with it, but it is important. Don’t put it off out of fear it is too complex. The reality is much of it is simple. Having processes and procedures in place accounts for a large part of keeping your data safe. Combine this with effective company training and a file backup system and you’ve done most of the hard work.

How do I learn more about cyber security for my business?

For the rest, you can speak to us at CloudTech24. Our expert teams offer a variety of services from IT support and Google Workspace support to providing free IT health checks and full data backup and recovery solutions.

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