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Is Cyber Security Facing A Recruitment Crisis?

Cybercrime hasn’t been around for long and is a new type of warfare that consistently threatens not only large businesses but also hugely effects medium size and smaller establishments too. Not to mention Cybercrime can be considered a major threat to the infrastructure of entire countries. In this new generation of cybercriminals and talented hackers, the Cyber Security industry requires skilled individuals in order to prevent this growing threat.


By 2020 the cyber-security industry will have more than 1.5 million vacant positions according to a recent report by Frost and Sullivan. The stats show that business, small and large and even government factions will be left increasingly vulnerable to attacks.

There’s an undeniable problem here for both business and governments alike, the question is, with such an ever expanding gap between the attackers and the talent to defend against these attacks, how do we solve the problem? There is no simple answer, as with many nuanced issues things like social, cultural and political factors play a huge part. One thing is clear though, if the problem is to be addressed governments and businesses will need to recruit from a wider talent pool or look at outsourcing their security needs.


Solving problems is all about preparation. Though larger establishments will be looking to an in-house team from a wider talent pool, the quickest and easiest way to prepare and protect your business in the new era of cyber-criminals is to outsource your cyber-security needs.

In order to prepare you will need to re-evaluate your workforce strategy and recruitment programme to reflect the skills required. Build local networks and use data sharing to help educate yourself and others in your company about the surrounding issues. Mentor and rotate new members in order to ensure that everyone is up to date and informed on those crucial security issues and continually maintain the development of these skilled staff members.

All of that means a lot of work for you as a business on a personal level, which is why outsourcing to someone like CloudTech24 is an ideal way to save yourself a lot of headaches when it comes to meeting all these criteriums and keeping your business safe and secure simultaneously.

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