How do you handle Malware?

Over the years many clients have asked our team how to properly handle malware outbreaks. It’s something you hope as a company you will never have to deal with but when you do whats the best way to approach it and respond? Well, you need to be well prepared in order to prevent the potential outbreak all together ideally so that you don’t have to deal with the issue after the fact. If you fail to prepare or suffer a breach in security you’re going to want some failsafe measures in place in the form of a step by step incident response.

In most cases, you may not know how the infection occurred and a lot of studies show internal IT and Security staff fail to spot these kinds of infections more often than not. A lot of these issues are discovered by third-parties or customers and this can mean taking a hit to your business’s reputation. The internal staff may not have the right information or have the proper processes in place to recognize and deal with these malicious threats.

We all know how ‘click happy’ people can get when they’re online and all it takes is one wrong click to cause a widespread issue. In order to avoid a dangerous infection, we need to not only make sure that your operating systems are up to date but that any applications or third-party plugins and programs you use are patched and up-to-date to defend against potential infections. Not to mention implementing an anti-malware system, running frequent checks and ideally having active live monitoring of any attacks and where they’re coming from in order to ensure they’re put out before any real issues can occur.

All in all, it can be complex for any company or business to properly prepare and defend against constant Malware or even worse Ransomware attacks but with the right preparation and defense as well as diligent monitoring you can ensure your data and revenue stay safe from prying eyes and dangerous malicious files.

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