CloudTech24 provide reliable and cost-effective VoIP Phone Solutions to businesses in Guildford, Surrey, London and across the UK.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that represents the core values of CloudTech24 in how we look to help businesses be more productive and save money. VoIP increases the overall productivity of a business by allowing their employees to multi-task. It also enables the business to take the costs saved from more expensive traditional landline phone bills, which can then be redirected to other aspects of the business.

Our business VoIP service is cloud hosted and requires no onsite hardware besides the handsets themselves – all of which are selected for their reliability and feature set according to your business’ needs and budget.

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Our business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service is cloud hosted and requires no onsite hardware.

Business VoIP means that you have a single phone system for multiple offices or home offices. Features include call direction, line transfer, call groups and virtual receptionist management features. All of which can help to reduce the time it takes to get the correct person in contact with a client, saving your business time and enabling you to be smarter.

As well as this, VoIP solutions can be cheaper and more versatile than their traditional counterparts, not to mention providing additional functionality.

The benefits of VoIP go a step beyond cost savings and telecommunications functionality. By using the internet for voice calls, users can integrate their phone system with additional software options that provide enhanced functionality, and can be acquired with greater ease than if a traditional system was used.

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