CloudTech24’s specialist IT security team support SMEs in Guildford, Surrey, London and across the UK.

Are you confident that you have exceptional IT security for all your organisation’s devices? Regardless of whether they are running MacOS or Windows operating systems? CloudTech24 offer security solutions to businesses in Guildford, Surrey, London and across the UK.

You can utilise our fully managed IT Security solution called ‘Protected Workstation’ to provide this confidence for your business.

One of the biggest challenges in the modern workplace is that business devices are typically unmanaged. The end user is expected to perform administrative tasks such as updates to the operating system and security software, which in most cases they do not perform, leaving these devices vulnerable to even outdated attacks.

What is ‘Protected Workstation’ IT Security?

Protected workstation is a small piece of monitoring and remote management software that our team will install on your end user devices. Through this software, our team can ensure all security and performance optimisation tasks are completed remotely. This software also includes a Business Grade anti-virus / anti-malware utility to further enhance end user device security and to protect against malicious applications and websites.

Wherever the end user’s device is located, our team performs continuous security, health, optimisation and performance monitoring of these machines.

Through our software, your end user’s data is protected, which by design is aligned with GDPR regulation and compliance.

The final benefit to appreciate here is the functionality to provide you with monthly reporting as to the overall status of all of your end user devices.

These reports will give you increased confidence in understanding the level of coverage it delivers and the importance of this to you and your business. It will also be something to champion with your clients through it’s inherent level of compliance and diligence.

Need Assistance?

Please talk to our friendly team for more information on our IT services. We’re based in Guildford, but work with businesses in Surrey, London and across the UK.